Strength meets the basic and safety requirements of whisky pot stills structural design to prevent mechanical damage, sufficient stiffness to prevent large deformation, good sealing has the performance of preventing leakage must be determined; The advantages of the widespread use of whisky pot stills are discussed.

1. whisky pot stills without steam heating device and heat transfer device can add refueling heating system. It can carry out hot reflux cycle extraction, concentration, conventional extraction, concentration, water precipitation (alcohol precipitation), percolation and other operations.

2. The unit has great advantages in versatility, efficiency, energy saving and wide operating range. Domestic comprehensive performance. This is a pilot plant for extracting natural plants. It is especially suitable for the extraction and concentration of scientific research institutes, universities, factory pilot laboratories, valuable drugs, or cold extraction and concentration of fresh plant products.

3. The equipment has successfully entered the overseas market due to its many functions, excellent performance, compact structure and advanced processing. It is especially suitable for the extraction and concentration of valuable drugs in factory pilot laboratories, scientific research institutes, universities and so on.

4, peripheral equipment only need water and electricity, covers an area of small, effectively reduce the experiment time, controlled by the central controller, easy to operate, high degree of automation.

5, the unit is equipped with excellent material selection, dynamic extraction and concentration, high efficiency and electric heating. The tank is equipped with a CIP cleaning system.

6, extraction/concentration temperature control/display, arc design, heating/cleaning without dead Angle, discharge completed.

whisky pot stills