Are you finding solutions about how to fix the My Eyes Only not working issue that several Snapchat users are facing? If yes, then you have visited at right place because here we will reveal all possible ways, which help to solve My Eyes Only not loading and working problem on your Android and iOS device with ease.

On Snapchat app, My Eyes Only is precious area where all your private photos and memories will be kept to save and you can get access to them while using My Eyes Only passcode. Snapchat also lets you option to reset passcode whenever you wish if keeping mind that while getting to reset it, you might be damaged your data.

Why Snapchat My Eyes Only Not Working?

Due to many reasons, you may be facing this issue My Eyes Only is not working like as:

  • Using old version app
  • Snapchat servers may be get down
  • Get access your My Eyes Only from its cache files
  • Get Failure to back up your My Eyes Only
  • Not remembering your ‘My Eyes Only’ passcode

Solved: ‘Snapchat My Eyes Only Not Working’

Due to many reasons, you can face error ‘Snapchat My Eyes Only is not working’ on your Android and iOS device. One of most obvious reason is to forget your passcode. Then you have to need touch with Snapchat Technical Team to fix this problem because it is most secured. There may be using out-dated version of app then you should be go with latest update, because some minor bugs can be attack at traditional update.

If really you didn’t remember your passcode that means forgot it then you should be follow few tricks that useful to fix your problem.

Always Remember Your Passcode

If sometime you don’t remember your My Eyes Only’s passcode; forgot your passcode, it is serious problem. Then all memories and pictures that are saved into My Eyes Only menu will be damaged. Even if you are going to try to reset the passcode then it may be all precious data can be lost and you can’t restore them.

But, if you have taken decision to change your passcode then nothing will get lost.

On Snapchat app, if you will try to tap on <forget passcode> button, then you are able to recover your passcode but all save memories will be deleted. Once deleted your data, Snapchat never lets you helps to recover your personal data.

Touch Snapchat Team

When you have forgotten your My Eyes Only passcode then you have only best option that you prefer to contact Snapchat team about this problem. With following few simplest steps, you can get help from Snapchat technical team:

  • Go to Snapchat support page.
  • On the category, choose the <Passcode> option and then tap on <continue> option.
  • Then you will see a form, and here you have to require feed detail of your personal account like as username, password, mobile and more. Explain your problem that you are getting to face about forgetting the passcode and wish to restore the passcode without any lost data.
  • Next, Snapchat technical team will get touch over email if anything is possible telling you, further what will do.

Getting to Change My Eyes Only Passcode

When you are getting to try change your password then never lost any memories from My Eyes Only menu. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, you have to go <My Eyes Only> section.
  • Then you have to two options either forget passcode or change your passcode, if you want to change the passcode then you have to require to click on <change passcode> option.
  • On next page, put your old passcode.
  • If you didn’t remember your previous passcode then left with one and go to reset your passcode.
  • But you know your previous passcode then you will see a new screen that will prompt you about the old passcode that used previously.
  • Next you will see an option to make new passcode and when you put it then your My Eyes Only account will be recovered back.

Solved: ‘Snapchat My Eyes Only Not Loading’

If you are getting to face problem as ‘My Eyes Only isn’t loading’ or ‘My Eyes Only greyed out’ , then you should be check your internet connection if it is not stable then it not allowing your memories to my eyes only for loading. Once entered your my eyes only passcode, you have to need to wait for memories to load before getting to see them.

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Another factor is facing issue ‘My Eyes Only isn’t loading’ that file is enlarged. If your video a long using 4K on your Android or iPhone device camera and you take decision to upload it to your snap memories, then this picture will going to take a long time while loading.

The Bottom Lines

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