Shredded paper is a common waste product, and too many of us simply toss it in the bin or, if we are feeling good, the recycling. 

Did you know, however, that with a little creativity, you could give a new lease of life to shredded paper – including the kraft shredded paper you might have previously bought for other purposes from our own store? 


Here are three creative uses that you might not have previously thought of, and which could also help protect our precious Earth. 


  1. Make organic seedling pots

Making your own seedling pots is a great way to reuse shredded paper, and it’s easy, too. Simply mix the shredded paper with water and some organic soil, shape it into pot shapes, dry it in the sun, and then you will have your own eco-friendly seed starter pots.


  1. Hanging mobiles for craft projects

For a fun and easy craft, consider using your old shredding as hanging mobile decorations. Simply glue together strips of shredded paper in shapes such as circles or stars, then attach colourful ribbons or twine to each shape – voilà! You will have yourself some unique decorations that are sure to be talked about with admiration among friends and family.


  1. Packing material and gift-wrapping alternatives

When sending gifts through the mail (especially fragile items), ditch those plastic bubbles wrapped around the packages and opt for recycled shredding instead. Not only are shredded papers lighter than plastic packaging materials, but they can also provide excellent cushioning protection during transit. 


As a bonus, shredded pieces can come in various colours and sizes depending on what type of paper was used initially (newspaper vs tissue), and these can make great gift-wrapping alternatives, too. This is perfect for occasions such as birthdays or special events.


Final thoughts

Shredded paper may not be something we think of repurposing at first glance – but with a bit of creativity and determination, you can “shed” new light (no pun intended) on this great resource. 


Not only do you get the chance to save money by forgoing the bubble wrap or tissue papers that many of us normally use as packing materials, but you will also contribute towards creating a cleaner planet through responsible recycling practices. 


Our own kraft shredded paper on sale here at has its own strong environmental credentials, being 100% recyclable. So, if you are in need of shredded paper for any of a variety of purposes, why not take a look around our store to discover the options that best suit your intended needs?