Choosing the right registrar to buy domain names from is not easy. Here are some important points to consider when choosing a registrar for your website.

The first step in putting up a website is to buy a cheap domains for sale. As they are the URL or internet address for websites, you have to start by choosing a unique name which has not already been used by others. Then the next action is to buy the chosen name from the many registrars that sell domain names.

Since there are so many registrars to choose from, it can be hard especially for beginners. Here are a couple of points that should help you choose the right registrar for you.

Points to consider when choosing domain name registrars

Registrars reputability

Try to buy from ICANN accredited registrars. ICANN is the apex organization for domain name registration. It controls all web domain registrations. Therefore it is always good to buy from registrars that have accreditation with them. You can identify these kind of registrars by the "ICANN accredited" badge which should be on the home page of their website, usually in the footer/bottom section.