The Snapmaker team has done a great job by introducing the Snapmaker 10W high-power laser. This type has got the best cutting-edge laser beam splitters, something that gives you the ability to be able to use quite a variety of materials. With this type of laser, you get to cut through materials such as MDF, leather, and basswood, just to mention a few. Using the Snapmaker 10W high-power laser has got quite a number of benefits, some of which are as follows. 

  1. It’s More Powerful, Precise, And Faster

The 3d laser cutter is considered to have extra power when it comes to cutting objects. With this laser, you can be sure that the speed at which you’ll be working on your projects will be a higher one. Also, you get to engrave high-quality designs even when you’re working on rounded materials. Moreover, it has got a Fast-axis Collimating (FAC) lenses that help it in compressing the lase spot of the laser diode to give high power and ultra-fine laser focus.

  • It Saves On Space

One of the greatest things concerning the Snapmaker is that it’s a single machine that has been designed to carry out three different functions. With this advantage, you get to save a lot, including the working area, as well as help you stay organized. Furthermore, you don’t get the pressure to operate several machines as everything is encompassed within the Snapmaker 10W high-power laser.

  1. It’s Easy To Use

Another major benefit of using the 3 in 1 laser printer is that the technology that has been used to design it is not complicated compared to other lasers. This is the easiest software to use because it has the capability of handling a single use, including CNC cutting, laser engraving, and 3D printing, without being complicated for the user. The 4-axis laser engraving using the 10W laser is as well an easy process, especially for beginners.

In addition, using the Snapmaker 10W high-power laser does not require you to measure the materials manually; you just place them on the platform, and the module does the job of calculating the measurements needed and adjusts itself to a point where the focal point is right on the surface of the material. This makes focusing an easy process, and you get to finish it within seconds.