Personalizing gifts has been a new trend now. Personalized gifts are the memories of any event or they help to remind some special people in life. This is why in modern days, a personalized gold dog tag necklace is the best thing you can gift to someone you love the most. Normally gold is a metal which is associated with several ceremonies like marriage and some more. Thus such a personalized necklace will definitely win the heart of the person you are gifting to. But before you buy a necklace with gold military dog tags, you need to take care of some essential things regarding the necklace. First of all, you need to know about the purity of gold. Gold is a very soft metal and it is almost impossible to make any ornament with pure gold. This is why the manufacturers mix some other metals into it so that the ornament becomes firm enough to wear.

If you will look at the tags attached with the gold ornaments, then you will find that there is a term Karat which symbolizes the purity of gold. “24 Karat” gold is almost 96% pure whereas 18 Karat gold contains less than 40% pure gold. So whenever you are going to buy such an ornament, you should look at the purity tag. Other than that, you can also have some alloy gold like white gold where you will get silver mixed with gold. On the other hand, copper makes the color of gold a little reddish.