Marine stainless steel castingsThe stainless steel alloy casting method used for marine applications is primarily investment casting. The investment casting process is an excellent choice for producing dimensionally accurate hardware that requires excellent corrosion resistance in the marine industry. Since many highly corrosion-resistant materials, namely 316 stainless steel, are cast on a regular basis, this process makes good economic sense. At CFS Stainless Foundry, we produce thousands of stainless steel investment cast parts each year and have an excellent track record of providing the fastest lead times in the industry at competitive prices. We are also able to provide additional surface treatments to parts, such as electropolishing, mirror polishing, to further improve corrosion resistance and provide parts with an excellent surface finish.

Examples of marine hardware produced from stainless steel castings include:
marine propeller
boat steering wheel
Ship Rail Base Accessories
boat cross post
bruce anchor
deck hardware
Cleats, handles, brackets, covers and other marine hardware
engine parts
Bearing housing
sealed enclosure