Investment casting in mining industry is one of the fields involved in investment casting (medical industry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.). At our foundry, investment castings for mining applications account for approximately 30%. This data proves that investment casting plays an important role in the manufacture of mining equipment. Most of the mining investment castings exported are steel castings. This is why many companies in the mining spare parts business buy steel castings from China. Of course, Jccasring Foundry can also supply other cast metal alloys such as iron, aluminium and other precision castings. We can produce mining investment castings for:
Articulated Truck.
Cable/hammer tractor.

Why Investment Casting in Mining Applications?
Investment Casting Mining Investment castings are suitable for all complex shaped parts. We can manufacture mining wear parts in any shape we like using investment casting. With investment casting, a wide variety of casting alloys can be selected. However, die casting is limited to zinc and aluminum alloys. In addition, investment casting can provide high-precision dimensional tolerances, helping to save processing costs. Therefore, investment casting is an economical method of manufacturing mining equipment components with affordable tooling costs compared to other casting methods.