Wear Resistant Hammer Bimetallic composite hammer head, composed of the upper and lower two parts. Use high manganese steel, medium manganese steel or ordinary steel material as the upper part of the bimetallic composite hammer head. Or use the casting method to hammer the two parts of the hammer into a whole. The advantage of the utility model are that the wear resistance and service life of the hammer are improved. The service life of high wear resistant alloy composite hammerhead can reach 3-5 times of the service life of original products such as manganese steel and rail, and the crushing efficiency is increased by more than 30%. The main feature of high wear resistant alloy composite hammer is to cast ultra-high wear resistant alloy in the working part, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the hammerhead. The wear-resistant alloy hammerhead matrix adopts high quality high manganese steel, and obtains a single austenitic tissue after scientific and reasonable heat treatment. When the wear-resistant hammerhead is subjected to severe impact and friction, significant processing hardening is conducive to the improvement of wear resistance, while the central part still maintains low hardness and good toughness. Thus greatly improve the service life and work efficiency of the hammer head. Rock crushing hammer is Widely used in the mining industry. Wear Resistant Hammer website:http://www.hsmachineryparts.com/wear-resistant-hammer/