India is the land where astrology is said to have originated. From the era of the rishis to the present-day era, astrology has come a long way. There have been many great advancements and many old effective astrological practices that lay dormant for decades are being used again along with modern equipment like astrological calculators. The predictions and solutions provided by famous astrologers using these techniques have proved to be useful. As the line goes, with good comes bad! The presence of fraudulent astrologers has increased in numbers and many of us who are in dire need of motivation fall into the hands of such astrologers and thus our trusts are compromised. This article is all about helping you find the highly trusted best astrologer in India for consultation. Dr. Hemant Barua is regarded as one of the best in the field. Even if you browse ‘Best Astrologer India’, you will find his name in the top search list.

Dr. Hemant Barua is a well-known celebrity astrologer in India and is specialized in numerology, gemology and Vedic science. With over 23 years of experience in the field, he has earned a reputation for his accurate predictions and insightful advice with a scientific approach. With his knowledge and expertise in astrology, he has also trained many astrologers in India. The one factor that makes him stand out is his approach to finding out problems and delivering solutions. He makes sure his clients understand the problem that has been affecting their lives and how the solution is going to eliminate it. As seen in most cases, many astrologers try to hide the problems from the client to make them feel safe. However, the highly-trusted celebrity astrologer in India believes in transparency and communicates every aspect of the problems to his clients in detail. Thus, the clients like to keep coming back to him for consultation. Another worth mentioning aspect is that most of his clients have contacted him through reference and that validates the trust factor once again.

Coming to the services, Dr. Hemant Barua offers a wide range of services. Some of the prominent issues that are well-handled by the astrologer are business-related issues, job-related issues, financial problems, marital difficulties, issues in relationships, wealth and fitness-related issues, and legal issues, just to name a few. Along with the astrological tools and techniques, he also uses his spiritual healing abilities to help his clients overcome negative energies and achieve inner peace. Thus, he is always on-demand! He accepts only telephonic and video consultations. You must therefore reserve a time slot in advance by either going to his website  or calling him directly on Whatsapp at +91 97739 59523. He communicates with his clients in Hindi and English.

The famous astrologer believes that astrology is not all about solving issues. The science should be used such that it helps in personal growth and self-development. He also believes that the old techniques of astrology that have lost their presence should be brought into use again. Thus, after vigorous research for three years, he has come up with calculation techniques that can determine the root cause of any given problem in no time with the age-old Trimaysha Technique of Remedy. This technique is known for its effective results as well as its complex nature. Compared to the six days of time required to compute the Trimaysha, it can now be done in a few hours with Mr. Barua’s technique. He has been adorned with many national and international accolades for his contribution to astrology. Apart from being featured in various media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, and TV channels, he has been the trusted astrologer for many Bollywood celebrities and well-known personalities in India.

In conclusion, Dr. Hemant Barua is one of the best astrologer in India for consultation. Thanks to his knowledge of Vedic astrology, numerology, and gemology as well as his practical approach and commitment to his clients that has carved him into a reliable and trustworthy astrologer. Dr. Hemant Barua is definitely worth consulting if you’re looking for accurate insights and life guidance.

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