In this informative guide, we will show you the build for Diablo 4 for that Twisting Blade Rogue. This is the highest DPS build that you could consider using in Diablo IV. We're not likely to have access to as numerous skill points, we ought to have 21 total skill points since you start from level 1 to level 20 which is 19 plus the initial 2 in the renowned system.

Diablo 4 Best DPS Twisting Blade Rogue Build - Highest DPS Rogue Build for D4 Beta

This build concentrates on using the Twisting Blade skill to manage rapid, deadly attacks against enemies inside a wide arc while watching Rogue. This build is made to be fast-paced and aggressive, counting on quick reflexes and precise positioning to consider enemies quickly. To build a Twisting Blade Rogue in Diablo 4, you will need to focus on skills that increase your melee combat abilities, for example, Twisting Blade, Shadow Step, and Shadow Imbuement. In terms of gear, you will need to look for items that increase your critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and attack speed. You may also be thinking about the gear that boosts your survivability, for example, items that improve your maximum health or reduce incoming damage. Now let's proceed into this DPS Rogue build for D4!

Best Diablo IV DPS Rogue Build Skills & Abilities

Basic Skills

The major reason we're obtaining the basic would be to acquire Fundamental Puncture. The reason for this is we throw 3 blades inside a spread and when we hit an enemy with a couple of them, we make sure they are vulnerable. Now vulnerable provides us a percentage rise in our damage that is massive. We're likely to go for 2 points within the Puncture after which Enhanced Puncture.

Core Skills

Then we're likely to pick up Twisting Blades, Enhanced Twisting Blades, then proceed and pick Advanced Twisting Blades. The reason for this is this skill particularly this enhancement towards twisting blades is huge for all of the other abilities that we're likely to be using and important to keep our mobility high. Twisting Blades, you impale someone after which when you run from them, the blade will go back to you. So the key thing here's that whenever we're clearing through dungeons, we may hit some having a twisting blade, run past them after which you're likely to kill everyone when you run past them or ideally whenever we get to several mobility skills, we'll just teleport past people. Then you get Advanced Twisting Blades that will reduce our cooldowns massively.

Agility Skills

Shadow step and dash, this is crucial. We could proceed and get Enhanced Shadow Step into Discipline Shadow Step because we can reduce that cooldown, and potentially perform some Dash upgrades. After we get Shadow Step and Dash, we're likely to come back up and max out twisting blades. Twisting blades is our main damage-dealing skill, therefore we want to max that.

Subterfuge Skills

After we now have gone ahead and maxed that, the following consideration is to perform a subterfuge skill. Poison Trap is good, it will do a good amount of damage if you want to put 1 point into a poison trap just for that single target damage. Then get exploit and max out exploit. Deal 18% increased damage against healthy and injured enemies meaning anyone above 80 HP or anyone below 35 HP with twisting blades, it is best to have those characters between those ranges either you're hitting them and they are just fresh or you've just hit them plus they should be way lower HP. So you're almost always likely to get this unless you're referring to bosses. But despite bosses, you're likely to get it around 50% of the time which is a nice rise in damage.

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Imbuement Skill

Go for Shadow Imbuement, it is likely to be massive, so get shadow imbuement, or enhanced shadow imbuement after which you can choose blended shadow imbuement for further vulnerability. But since we now have a fundamental puncture and we ought to be landing our vulnerability around the characters that matter, quite often going for something similar to mixed shadow imbuement is fairly good. Because we now have Poison Trap which doesn't do physical damage, that's likely to increase our poison trap damage. And any kind of other type of damage such as shadow damage is likely to do more damage. So although blended shadow imbuement can’t be great, finances are a source of vulnerability on our fundamental puncture.

D4 Twisting Blade Rogue Legendary Aspects

- Bladedancer’s Aspect: It is vital for this build, this is likely to allow your twisting blades to orbit who are around you after returning also it's likely to deal additional damage based on the distance traveled, and therefore if you're casting a twisting blade or puncturing someone teleporting them or teleporting around with Shadow step or Dashes after which you have that massive increase damage, after which you're likely to be destroying single target boss fight because of how much additional effective damage that you are getting in the twisting blades rotating who is around you. If you could select one aspect, the rest of the ones you could potentially operate on this build aren't even near as important as the blade dancers aspect.

- Ravager’s Aspect: This one's really fun since you have an additional charge with Shadow Step. If you kill an enemy with Shadow Step, it refunds the charge and also increases the damage of Shadow Step. So what's interesting relating to this is since you have two charges, every one of them includes a cooldown, so lowering your cooldowns by having an advanced twisting blade creates those charges which means that you could start spamming out Shadow steps much more than you'd before. Even though it is a low cooldown already and incredibly efficient, getting Ravager’s Aspect just totally changes the mobility in dungeons.

What Are the Benefits of Using Diablo 4 DPS Twisting Blade Rogue Build?

High damage output: The Twisting Blade skill can deal massive levels of damage to enemies inside a wide arc while watching Rogue, allowing her to consider down large categories of enemies quickly.

Fast attack speed: This build is centered on using rapid, deadly attacks to consider down enemies quickly, which makes it very satisfying to experience.

Good mobility: The Shadowstep skill allows the Rogue to teleport short distances, making it easier to prevent enemy attacks and reposition herself for optimum effectiveness.

Versatile playstyle: This highest DPS Twisting Blade Rogue build for D4 Beta could be customized having a variety of different skills and gear options, allowing players to tailor their playstyle for their preferences and also the situation available.

Fun and engaging playstyle: The fast-paced, high-damage combat of the Diablo IV Twisting Blade Rogue leveling build makes it a very rewarding playstyle for players who enjoy taking an aggressive method of combat in D4.

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