Automatic Window Patching Machine factory Features: 1. Auto Window Patching Machine adopts 30mm steel wall. The steel plate is dealt with heat treatment and processed by digit control machine. It runs smoothly with high quality stability. The machine is comprised of 5 units of feeder, positioning, gluing, patching and delivery unit. 2. The feeder adopts imported Ever-power scratch furrow conveyor belt from USA. Matching by our unique supporting plate intermittent feeding mode, the paper feeding is very smooth and no overlapping paper or missing paper, which makes the machine speed up to 7000 sheet/hour. 3. The air draft conveyor belt and paper delivery conveyor belt are imported from Schneider. The mechanical transmission driving train is from Japan. 4. The key components of the machine adopt NSK bearing from Japan. The buttons of the control system and contactor adopt SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH. Human-computer interface is from Taiwan Wenview. PLC transducer is from DELTD. All photoelectric switches are from Omron. The Electric motor is from Taiwan(TECO YV) Technical Specifications: Our plant view: Packing And Shipping: Clients and Exhibition: Introduction to the method of adjusting the circumferential position of the roller of the auto window patching machine Adjusting the circumferential position of the plate roller of the auto window patching machine 锛歍he upper offset plate is mounted on the plate roller, and the ink of the pad can be applied to the rubber strip, and the window sticking machine is driven, and the paper product is pushed by the chain push paper gauge. At the gluing position, the ink is printed on the window portion of the paper product as the plate roll rotates. According to the difference between the relative position of the window and the plate on the paper, the adjustment of the circumferential position can be achieved by loosening the set screw on the inner plate of the operating wall panel to reach the offset plate. Align the rubber strips with the front and rear positions of the film window and tighten the set screws. If the ink of the window sticker is printed on the window portion of the paper jam and the window of the film to be pasted has a difference in left-right relative position, the paper feed positioning side gauge and the paper feed positioning block may be appropriately adjusted. It can also be fine-tuned left and right. The film of the Auto Window Patching Machine is carried out in four steps: film feeding, film cutting, film transfer and filming. The whole roll film opened beforehand according to the width of the window on the cardboard is attached to the rack device at the tail of the main unit. The length of the film is generally 30 mm longer than the window length, and the film roll width is about 25-30 mm wider than the window width. . The diaphragm is then continuously output according to the length of the window of the desired film on the paper product, and the film roll is continuously outputted by a pair of film feeding rubber and power roller according to the preset speed of the film, and sent to the window sticking machine. The slitting roller is cut through the edge of the blade, and the film is adsorbed and transferred by the laminating roller while being cut. When it is accurately opposed to the window of the paper, the film roller is acted upon by the valve The suction is converted into a blow, and the film and the paper are rolled to complete the film being sent out.Automatic Window Patching Machine factory website: