Let's talk about permanent first. Ovarian cyst pain relief can be accomplished in several ways. But, only one is permanent: Natural or Homeopathic Treatment.

Surgery is commonly suggested by doctors. If the cyst is cancerous (they rarely are) or has burst or twisted the fallopian tube, surgery is certainly a strong consideration. But, to use surgery in the hope of a permanent cure for a cyst that is common and uncomplicated, is unwise as it can only treat the current cyst and symptoms - not the root cause which means the cyst will most likely reoccur.

So surgery is not a permanent cure. Neither are hormone drugs; another common MD suggestion. You have a cyst because your hormones are out of step somehow. Hormone drugs are designed to be in charge of your ovaries by blocking ovulation until certain times. Doesn't seem very natural to me. Seems like it is screwing things up even more. How can that be good?

Birth control pills will very likely keep cysts from reoccurring if you keep taking them. Do you want to do that? For years? Do you know that a side effect of birth control pills is PMS? Not a very good idea for a permanent escape from pain and the cysts that cause it.