Maliketh is among the hardest bosses in Elden Ring Items, but one player seems to defeat him using only the sport's parry mechanic.

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An Elden Ring player has defeated Maliketh using only the parry mechanic contained in the game. Maliketh is among the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring, and players can fight this enemy inside a late-game area called Crumbling Farum Azula.

Due to the battle’s difficulty, some Elden Ring fans have suffered heartbreaking defeats to Maliketh during the period of their playthroughs. As an example, one clip shows Elden Ring players dying to Maliketh’s deadly mixture of attacks, using the boss only using a sliver of health left. It’s also feasible for gamers to roll from the arena for their deaths because the battle could possibly get chaotic in the second half. Now, one Elden Ring player has somehow defeated Maliketh using just parries for the whole duration of your dream.

A Reddit user named Death70583 has shared a clip of the battle against Maliketh in Elden Ring, showing the way they beat the boss using only the parry mechanic. It looks like players are only able to dodge a number of Maliketh’s attacks so they need the dodge all of those other moves in the arsenal. This would probably explain why the recording starts close to the end of your dream because it would otherwise contain Death70583 just dodging attacks for a few minutes. The player states have spent three hours learning Maliketh’s move-set, before proclaiming that they can now complete a nearly hitless run using only parries for the whole battle.

As seen in the recording, Death70583 is parrying a particular attack, that is telegraphed with a faint yellow glow. It appears to become one of the final moves of the combo, which involves Maliketh jumping into the air and unleashing projectile-based attacks on the player. Death70583 is applying the Blasphemous Claw tool for the purpose of the recording because it allows gamers to deflect the power from the Black Blade in Elden Ring.

Many users within the comments section congratulate Death70583 on defeating Maliketh in this fashion, although some others suggest that they are not proficient at parrying attacks in cheap elden ring items. It looks like some players weren't aware that it’s possible to parry Maliketh’s attacks a few fans also inquire about the item utilized in this strategy. One gamer also finds it tough to believe that Death70583 accomplished this in only three hours. Overall, users seem extremely astounded by Death70583’s skills, which tactic may end up being helpful for gamers struggling to conquer Maliketh.

Elden Ring can be obtained now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.