The global breast implant market size is predicted to be valued at $4,453.0 million by 2031, surging from $1,825.0 million in 2021, at a noteworthy CAGR of 9.4%.

Impact Analysis of COVID-19 on the Breast Implant Market

The COVID-19 outbreak had a short-term impact on the breast implant market, primarily in the initial phase of the pandemic when the whole world went into lockdown and other travel restrictions to curb the spread of infection due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The ongoing and scheduled surgical procedures were postponed or cancelled as a result of the limitations and lockout, which had a detrimental effect on the breast implant market. Surgical procedures such as breast implants and cheek augmentation were considered ‘non-essential’ during the pandemic and were either postponed or cancelled. Priority was given to COVID infected patients thus the breast implant surgeries were temporarily not prioritized. However, women in the United States had a greater interest in and desire for cosmetic operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including breast augmentation and implants. For instance, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' April 2021 survey report, 11% of the polled women indicated that they were more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedures now than they were prior to the epidemic. Therefore, the global breast implant market is expected to recover soon from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and grow in the future.

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Global Breast Implant Market Analysis

Breast augmentation and other aesthetic changes to a woman's breasts, including their size, shape, and texture, are accomplished with the aid of breast implants. The popularity of breast augmentation operations is increasing the need for breast implants. The global breast implants market opportunity is expanding primarily due to the increasing importance placed on aesthetics and the increase in availability of attractive, cohesive silicone breast implants. Additionally, the global breast implant market share is expanding as a result of the increased incidence of breast cancer and the availability of a wide range of breast implant choices.

According to the key findings of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Statistics 2021, breast procedures such as breast augmentations, breast lifts, and breast reductions were significantly up by 48% as compared to 2020. There were 365,000 breast augmentations performed in 2021 (+44% as compared to 2020).  In addition, 148,000 women had their implants removed and replaced (+32% from 2020), and 71,000 had their implants removed but not replaced (+47% as compared to 2020).

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However, the post-surgery complications and risks associated with the breast implant, along with the high cost associated with the implant, are the major factors hampering the growth of the global breast implant market trend. There is a widespread misconception about post-surgical complications and risks from breast implants in women. If this constraint is solved by creating awareness among women and clearing their misconceptions, it will contribute to the global breast implant market growth size.

Furthermore, the rise in prevalence of breast cancer is a significant driver leading to the growth of this market. In severe cases, the prevention of disease involves mastectomy surgery as a treatment, which requires the removal of the entire organ. Furthermore, reconstruction of this organ is considered a useful option for the treatment of such diseases. This procedure involves rebuilding the shape of the removed organ. Thus, with a rise in the number of reconstruction cases, there is a growing demand for breast implantation soon. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) stated that breast augmentation is one of the top 5 cosmetic procedures conducted in the U.S. According to the ASPS, 279,143 procedures involving the augmentation of this organ had occurred in the U.S. Thus, with a huge number of these cases, the growth of the breast implant market opportunity is expected to accelerate over the coming years.

Global Breast Implant market, Segmentation

The global breast implant market is segmented based on product, application, end-use, and region.


The product segment is further classified into saline implant and silicone implant. Among these, the silicone implants sub-segment is anticipated to have a dominant market share in 2021. Silicone provides a much more natural feel thanks to the thick, cohesive gel that more accurately mimics the weight and bounce of natural breasts. This type of implant has the ability to replicate the natural breast and also is lightweight. They are being curated to feel more like the actual natural breasts and are soft to touch while on the other hand saline implants are firmer. This will significantly increase the preference over other types. These implants have the capability to be filled in the time of implant operating procedure, and provide adjustable flexibility as required. Moreover, there will be a reduction in the wrinkling as time passes, thus these advantages of silicone implants over saline implants are estimated further to impel the growth of this segment in the forecast timeline.


The shape segment is further classified into round shape and anatomical shape. Among these, the round-shaped sub-segment is anticipated to have a dominant market share in 2021. When placed by a skilled surgeon, round implants give the breasts a more natural appearance and increase their cleavage. Breasts with anatomical implants appear more natural. However, because of gravity, spherical implants also appear to have a natural slope when standing. Typically, teardrop implants are more expensive than round implants. The complexity and length of time involved in teardrop surgery contribute to their high overall cost. According to studies, anatomical implants are more likely to develop ALCL, a form of blood cell cancer, than round implants. This does happen occasionally, though. Other risks are observed in a similar way to those with round implants. Thus, the advantages of round shaped over anatomical shape make them preferred and thus propel the global breast implant market growth.


The texture segment is further classified into smooth and textured. Among these, the textured sub-segment is anticipated to have the fastest growth in the forecast time. The surface of textured implants is rougher and more uneven, like soft, rubbery sandpaper. They cling to the surrounding body tissue due to the texture, which keeps them from moving. These implants come in a variety of sizes. They are frequently the primary choice of implant among patients having reconstruction following a mastectomy for breast cancer. They may also produce better results for women whose adolescent breast development has been unsatisfactory for them.


The application segment is further classified into breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Among these, the breast augmentation sub-segment is anticipated to have a dominant market share in 2021. Breast augmentation procedures are specifically designed to increase the current breast volume, while breast reconstruction is performed to restore function and normal appearance after surgery due to cancer or to adjust the setting of breasts due to birth differences. Breast augmentation is mainly done to increase breast size, usually through medical grade implants. These procedures are anticipated to witness robust growth during the projected period, owing to a significant increase in the number of women choosing this procedure. Product demand is expected to rise further in the coming years as a result of benefits such as shorter procedure duration and lower complication involvement. Furthermore, an increase in awareness about achieving the ideal body size and shape, particularly among women, is contributing to the growth of the global breast implant market.

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End Use:

The end use segment is further classified into clinics, hospitals, and others. Among these, the clinic sub-segment is anticipated to generate more revenue by the end of 2031 in the global breast implant market. The rising number of private clinics, coupled with the increasing number of plastic surgeons, is expected to enhance the growth of this segment. The clinics will conduct the breast implant procedures in a very short time span, which is preferred by most patients, and this is anticipated to drive the demand for these procedures over the coming years. Moreover, the availability of advanced products and skilled resources will increase the adoption of breast implantation processes at the clinics and thereby enhance the market revenue generated through the clinics in the forthcoming period. Furthermore, rise in awareness of breast implants will limit revenue growth as more patients undergo surgery.


The North American breast implant market is expected to be the dominant region in the coming years. The high share attained by this region can be largely attributed to the growing number of breast augmentation procedures. Furthermore, the accelerating adoption of cosmetic procedures is expected to further augment the region’s market growth. Moreover, the availability of reimbursement policies with respect to breast reconstruction is further boosting the North American breast implant market. In the last two decades, there has been a significant rise in the incidence rate of breast cancer. For instance, according to, since the middle of the 2000s, the incidence of invasive breast cancer in women has increased by about 0.5 percent annually. Additionally, 287,850 women in the U.S. are anticipated to receive an invasive breast cancer diagnosis in 2022. Another factor driving the North American breast implant market is the increasing acceptance of breast reconstruction procedures.

Key Players in the Global Breast implant market

Some of the leading breast implant market players are

  • Sebbin
  • Allergan
  • Mentor Worldwide LLC
  • GC Aesthetics
  • Laboratories Arion
  • Sientra Inc.
  • Hansbiomed
  • Groupe Sebbin SAS
  • Sientra Inc.,

leader in the best breast implants market, launched a new, round implant filled with high-strength cohesive+ (HSC+) silicone gel. Until recently, this dense silicone gel was only available in teardrop-shaped implants. Now women who prefer a round implant can also enjoy some of benefits of HSC+, such as less visible wrinkling, a lower rate of capsular contracture, and a similar feel to natural breast tissue.

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