Play the Craziest Game That Has Ever Existed

As was just said, What the Hen is a humorous and epic cartoon-style video game in which the player is tasked with calling forth the most bizarre heroes imaginable. You are going to face some of the most challenging boss battles as you go through the game in search of the chicken wizard gone crazy. Therefore, you must call upon your heroes to engage in battle. There are more than seventy zany heroes and heroines poised and ready for battle. Follow the exciting adventure and immerse yourself in a universe filled with thousands of battles against ferocious bosses spread over hundreds of levels.

In addition to that, don't forget to level up your heroes! The ability to battle even more formidable bosses is made possible by upgrading them. You may also form new clans or join existing ones in order to battle with other summoners, and you have the option to do either.

There are a total of 70 playable heroes to unlock and collect across five distinct types of characters. Find the hero that complements your approach to the game and make the most of their abilities. Kill those disgusting superiors and set an example for the others to follow. Have fun with this crazy cartoon game that's packed with hilarious graphical elements and music effects. You must capture the chicken in order to get its abilities and earn the right to govern the Arena as the chosen summoner. Are you ready to go through thousands of 1-on-1 duels against other summoners?

Be sure to get a copy of What the Hen for free when you're ready to get started playing the game. It may be found in this version of EmulatorPC! Take pleasure in playing on a more substantial computer screen when you call heroes and engage in combat.

Incredible Components of the Game

The craziest & most immersive game narrative
Over seventy heroes available for collection.
Upgrade heroes to become unbeatable
Defeat bosses in adventurous campaigns
Battle against chicken-chasing summoners in the Arena
Create & join clans
Don’t miss the Time Events

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