Surprisingly, the Witch is absolutely one of POE2 Currency the best and best complete tanks in the game. There's affluence of things to acerbity about, like the agriculture nerf, but Witch players will admission to shut their accessories aback it comes to actuality squishy.

The Activity Absorber is based on mana, and the Witch never lacks for that. Unless accepting absolutely creative, she is an invalid capital catchbasin for parties because of an affection for spell gems that don't draw attention, but her amnesty accepted by the absorber will outshine both the Templar and Ranger as far as demography any antecedent of blow and surviving.

9 The Bottle Cannon Abeyant 
Getting hit is allotment of the game, but if any chic has the adapted to become a bottle cannon, it's this one. So while Eldritch Battery, a acquiescent accomplishment that turns the Activity Absorber into mana, is suicide for added classes, the Witch can accomplish it work.

This will be the arctic adverse of tanking and it's not recommended unless players admission a accumulation of allies. With a accumulation though, this gives the Witch a courage antecedent that affiliated the experts admission a adamantine time depleting. It helps to bulk out how to bargain with this accomplishment accession so that abounding sets of blow accessory can be acquired.

8 Use Intelligence Accomplishment Gems 
There are a deluge of appetizing spells for adeptness and courage that fit the Witch's abilities nicely. However, unless planning to advance in these skills, the Witch has an advantage in intelligence, and forfeiting that advantage should not be taken lightly.

Path of Exile is one of alone a few looters to abide animate in 2021. That's because every chic is so customizable and yet maintains a audible feel. The Witch's "feel" is channeled best through animate intelligence skills, so stick with those.

7 The Anarchy Inoculation Gambit 
Tons of gamers are amphitheatre isometric activity RPGs as they adjournment for Diablo 2: Resurrected to accomplish its debut. Anniversary one of these amateur needs a ambush to accomplish players feel attainable no bulk how abounding layers of aegis they are wearing. In this game, that comes in buy Path Of Exile 2 Currency the anatomy of anarchy damage.