In the ongoing fight to find a cure for lung cancer in the future, we can never lose sight of the fact that we need to constantly be looking for ways to fight it today.

There are so many things out there that can assist you in your fight with cancer, starting with proper and timely diagnoses, proper treatment choices, diet, vitamins, exercise, alternative medicine and probably the most important thing the will to live and to fight for your life.

Although there continue to be improvements in treatments and applications the end result is still the same at this point and time, lung cancer is a very aggressive and dangerous disease with an extremely high mortality rate, 1 out of every 3-cancer fatality is contributed to lung cancer. So how do we slow it down? When do we turn the corner from mourning the victims of lung cancer to reducing the risk of 小細胞肺癌 lung cancer? In the case of lung cancer, let me share with all of you my simple but somewhat educated thought. The best defense to protect yourself from becoming a victim of lung cancer is to take offensive measures prior to being diagnosed.

Want to be guaranteed to survive the fight? Simple avoid the fight. How do you avoid the fight? Your first step, simply take a test. Among smokers, many individuals are at a higher than average risk of developing lung cancer due to their genetic make-up. By testing with Respiragene, you will receive a personalized risk score.