How to do crowd marketing so that it works?
Practicing optimizers do not need to explain once again what crowd marketing is and how it works. The bigger question here is whether it's worth using or not. After all, some experts use crowd when working on each of the promoted projects, while others consider it an inefficient practice and an unnecessary waste of time and money.

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In fact, crowd marketing may well be quite a useful component of an SEO strategy. You just need to know how to "properly cook" it. After all, if the crowd links are of high quality, then the benefit will be not only in terms of diluting the link profile, but also in the form of improving reputation and getting conversions and sales when it comes to commercial sites.
So let's figure out how to do crowd marketing so that it is really effective.
Proper crowd marketing: criteria for quality donors.
Crowd marketing is working with links. And for links to work, they must be of high quality. However, in the case of crowd, these criteria should not be as high as for the placement of articles, it's still about something else. Even links with the rel=nofollow attribute, when the goal is mainly to dilute the reference profile, are quite suitable.
Here are the sites you should work with:
first of all, you should pay attention to sites that are directly relevant to you on the subject;
if you need to promote a project focused on the local market, then regional sites will be a priority;
with the help of Similarweb or Serpstat, you can assess whether the donor site has traffic, and it is definitely worth choosing those who have traffic;
avoid spammed topics on forums, clusters, and pages from which dozens of links have already been put down by other webmasters;
pay attention to whether there is a page in the index. If not, you can additionally check if everything is OK with indexing in principle;
active communication on the site is also a plus, it can generate not only transitions to the target site, but also conversions.
And it will not be superfluous to remind you once again: be sure to create a clear and understandable TOR for performers to get a good result. Very often people do not understand quite simple things, in particular, that you need to not just leave a link, but leave it in the format of a recommendation, trying to create real value for other users.