Original title: Automatic binding machine punching alarm processing method Automatic binding machine punching alarm is an early warning mechanism of automatic binding machine. Xiaobian has collected many questions about automatic binding machine punching alarm to answer them. Of course, if you have any questions and questions about buying automatic binding machine, you can also call us at 134-6631-0998. 1. Feeding alarm: In case of binding alarm, first check whether the nylon tube of the binding machine is used up. Handling method: replace the nylon tube 1. Insert the needle placed on the top of the binding machine from the material inlet ? Gently rotate clockwise 360 ° downward; 2. Sleeve the remaining tube over the needle And is pul out from that feeding port together with the clean needle; 3. Insert a new nylon tube and insert in place 。 Note that the nylon tube must be straight and cannot be bent, otherwise it cannot be used normally. II. Shield alarm: In case of passport alarm, first check whether the shield is closed. Handling method: 1. Close the shield ? Continue to operate after the lamp is off. 2. Lift the shield ? Return to the original position. If it still does not work, check whether the connecting wire falls off and is desoldered. 3. Punching alarm: When punching alarm occurs, there may be several situations that need to be checked. 1. Check whether there are paper scraps in the cavity of the bit. 。 2. Check whether the bound paper vouchers are mixed with metal products. 。 3. Is it used too often? ? Causes the drill bit to become hot. 4. Is the drill bit dull? 。 5. Whether the upper part of the drill bit is unblocked 。 Handling method: 1. Open the shield ? Remove the drill bit and clean the drill bit cavity and the paper scraps in the drill bushing. 2. Staples in vouchers and paper , paper clips, or other metallic foreign matter is checked out and removed. 3. Suspend use 。 4. Sharpening drill 。 Method: When the cutting edge of the drill is not sharp or needs to be cleaned: a. Remove the drill : Press the key to make the drill bit run downward for about 2cm. (Place a piece of paper on the bedplate below the drill bit, so that paper scraps may fall on the paper when the drill bit is removed.) Loosen the drill set screw with a T-shaped wrench. When loosening the second screw, hold the drill shank by hand to avoid damage to the drill due to its own weight. b. Clean the drill bit : Loosen the butterfly screw on the sharpener body, dhd drill bit , pull out the insert rod, insert the drill bit into the sharpener body, align the end face of the tool handle with the end face of the sharpener body, fix it with the butterfly screw, reinsert the insert rod, and press its head with the palm of your hand to push out the paper scraps in the drill bit. Expand the full text c. Sharpening drill : Insert the drill bit into the sharpener body, align the end face of the tool handle with the end face of the sharpener, fix it with a butterfly screw, slowly insert the sharpening device into the sharpen body to make it touch the drill tip, and rotate the sharpeners clockwise and evenly for 5-6 times (do not use too much force, otherwise the drill tip will bend). Remove the drill bit and check if the mouth is sharp. d. Press Press the "Down" key to move the drilling motor down 2-3cm, open the transparent window on the upper part of the drill bit, and clean up the paper scraps inside. 4. Binding alarm: There are three possible phenomena. 1. Check whether there are paper scraps in the punched holes. 。 2. Whether the drill bit is installed in place in the drill bushing 。 3. Whether the binding paper has slipped from the binding position 。 Handling method: 1. Remove the paper scraps in the voucher 。 2. Remove the drill bit ? Press in place again and tighten the nut. 3. Rearrange the vouchers to be bound , and then bind. If the drill bit is too heavily loaded to drill smoothly, the LCD panel will display a service fault code (the light will flash). Reasons may include: 1. Some metal objects are mixed in the document; 2. There are paper scraps left in the drill bit during drilling; 3. The drill bit has become blunt; Workaround steps: (1) Open the safety cover and take out the drill bit to remove any remaining paper fragments. (2) Check whether there are paper clips, staples or other metal objects mixed in the documents,mining dth bit, and take them away. (3) Reinstall the drill bit, close the safety shield and restart drilling. (4) If the drilling lamp is still flashing, please take out the drill again and sharpen the drill. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com