To tell the truth, although the time spent together was only half a month, Li Yalin had a deep bond with Darkion, which made Li Yalin feel that he could not understand all kinds of things. Why? Why did you see Darkion as if you had seen your own relatives? Otherwise, you couldn't have taken the liberty to call Darkion sister at the beginning. Now, in retrospect, it really feels a little incredible. After the practice, Li Yalin and Darkion made their own moves, staring at Li Yalin in front of them with a smile on their faces. Darkion could not help stroking Li Yalin's cheek, but soon, Darkion seemed to think of something, with a wry smile at the corners of his mouth, nodded to Li Yalin, and then turned back to the house.. "Yalin, will you come back?" With the little earth God in his arms, Yukikaze's expression was very melancholy. Parting came so fast that it was unacceptable. Yesterday, we were fighting and laughing together, but today, we are about to face parting. Especially, it is the boy in front of us who wants to be separated from us. "Of course, will come back, agreed," Li Yalin is not a fool, for Yukikaze that hazy feelings,Industrial pallet rack, he did feel some, but now is not the time to talk about these, when he returns to the world again, when he comes back, maybe he can face everything calmly.. "Here you are, Lord Brave!" On the training ground of the Knights, the young knights greeted Li Yalin with vigor and vitality. You should know that Li Yalin is very popular. I heard that many female knights are still secretly in love with Li Yalin. "Hum, you are here again, what are you doing here this time?" Well,Pallet rack beams, there are still some exceptions. When can you reveal your true feelings in your heart again? "Of course, it's a practice battle." Li Yalin has long been accustomed to the arrogance of Eclair. After saying hello to everyone, he picked up a long gun, rotated the gun several times, danced several gun flowers, and made a gesture of invitation towards Eclair. The meaning is very obvious. Let's practice for the next round. He is waiting for you at any time. Continue to recommend the "Dark Tide" said ~ everyone all kinds of support ah ~ Xiaoshuai here thank you thank you said ~ ~ ~ Chapter 171 before parting (part two). "Cut, then continue to let me hit you!" As soon as the small mouth pouts, the expression of Eclair is very disdainful, grabbed a long gun, toward the direction of Li Yalin straight stab to come over. "Ha ha, good to come," Li Yalin laughed, this is the son of a bitch he knows the captain of the pro-guard. "Hey, brave man, you have to remember not to forget us." After the practice, at the moment when Li Yalin said goodbye and was ready to leave, Eclair suddenly muttered in a deep voice, Drive in racking system ,radio shuttle racking, "Don't forget us?" "Don't worry, I will never forget you, and I will come back." I touched Eclair's little head, saying that the girls in this world seem to like to be touched, because it's really because of the beast's ears? You.. What are you talking about? It's none of my business. Anyway, just go back quickly! Although at the moment when Li Yalin touched Eclair's little head, the captain of the mother***er's own guard showed a very happy expression, but soon, Eclair reacted, knocked off Li Yalin's hand, and shouted loudly to Li Yalin, you know, this is in public, the members of the order are watching themselves, but this is lost. "Go back quickly." Li Yalin was lost in thought, when on earth can he come back. "Brave Lord, this is our local product of Garrett, oh, please take it with you when you leave." Well, this local product is really a lot. Looking at a big box about half a meter high in the hands of Qiao Nu, Li Yalin's mouth can't help being a little stiff. What is in it? "This is the special product we have prepared for the brave adults, and the brave adults will definitely like it." Without waiting for Li Yalin to speak, the rabbit-eared mother Weier immediately said. "Specially prepared" Sanwu Catwoman Novaru made the final addition. "So, thank you, I will collect it well." Anyway, this is the heart of the three girls. Looking at the sincere eyes of the girls, Li Yalin also took the big box over. It was quite heavy, but he didn't know what was inside. "I say you do not ignore me ah" at this time, was regarded as a transparent man of Gaul broke out, it is too hateful, every time he will be ignored, not to say, the three fools pro guard will become a nymphomaniac when they see the brave, which makes their own Prince Garrett how can it be! "Oh, it's your Highness Gaul, thank you for seeing him off." As if he had just seen Gaul, Li Yalin raised his hand and said hello to the other side. Well, Li Yalin did not deny that he did it on purpose. "But if Ai had known I wouldn't have come," Gaul was all kinds of tears at this scene. Anyway, he was used to being ignored, who called himself a guy who was just ignored. "Really.." I really don't want the brave to leave. I want to be with the brave all my life! Li Ge tower's eyes are full of tears, she is really like Li Yalin Ai really do not want to separate from Li Yalin, Li Yalin's gentle, let this little girl feel infinite warmth, but is it over? Is this the end of it? "Well, Li Ge, I will often come back to see you. During my absence, Li Ge will also work hard to study the weapons I left you and make Biscotti more powerful. During my absence, Her Royal Highness will give you to guard." Touching Li Ge's little head, Li Yalin comforted him softly. "I see, Li Ge will not let the brave man down!" Wipe the tears in the corner of the eye, Li Ge tower is very confident patted the small chest, since is the brave adult's command,warehouse rack manufacturer, then oneself must complete! "Then, all please Lige." "Why don't you ask me why I started that war?" Looking up at the starry sky, Leon Misiuli took the initiative to ask Li Yalin.