Xie Tiancai was not in the mood to take care of this. Looking at the tearful face, he couldn't help thinking of the thing that Luo Shi wanted to harm Xie Xuan outside the Xuanmiao Temple last year. He was even more disgusted. He looked around with a cold face and ordered, "Everyone stays in the courtyard and is not allowed to go out. Mother He, go and invite the herbalist to my study!" Mother He was an old servant left by Dow in those days. Now she is serving Xie Jun in the East Cross Courtyard. When she heard this, she set out immediately. All the people in the yard felt something was wrong, and for a moment the atmosphere did not dare to come out, each standing in place, waiting for Xie Tiao's command. Xie Tiao naturally will not do anything in front of everyone, only call Xie Jun, Xie Xuan and Xie Tiao to follow him out, others are not allowed to go out of Tangli courtyard. Several people went to Xie Tiao's outer study, because Xie Tiao often rested here, there was a small courtyard behind the study. By this time Mother He had already invited the herbalist to the small courtyard, and Xie Tiao handed over the kitten and told him to take a closer look. He's mother is straightforward, and the herbalist she hired can not only treat people, but also animals. He took some excrement and looked at it. Then he examined the chestnut cake again. Finally, he stood up and said, "My Lord, it's because I ate aconite and bitter almond by mistake. I'll give it a dose of medicine and it will be all right." "Aconite?" Xie Tiao frowned. He remembered that Luo Shi had recently found some bitter almonds late because his chest was full of phlegm and his blood was deficient and his body fluid was withered. Because he was afraid of being poisoned if he ate too much, he only ate a few almonds a day, and the rest were on the plate. This noise was everywhere in the Tangli courtyard, and there were some people who ate them by mistake. But what was that aconite? The herbalist said,long span shelving, "Aconitum carmichaeli Debx is a herbal medicine, also known as aconite root. Because of its different compatibility and processing methods, it has different toxicity.". This chestnut cake has been examined by the old man. It's mixed with aconite. It's no big deal for ordinary people to eat it, but the cat is weak and mixed with bitter almonds, so it will have this symptom. Xie Tiao stared at the chestnut cake for a moment and said, "You said there was monkshood in the cake?" "Yes." The herbalist hung his head slightly. But what's the harm? "If you don't eat much, it doesn't matter. Some people use it as medicine to take the effect of restoring Yang and dispelling cold, but it's poisonous and can't be used more." The herbalist stroked his beard as if he didn't care very much. Suddenly he remembered something and added,pipe cantilever rack, "There's not much aconite in this chestnut cake. It's okay to eat it, but you can't use it for a long time. Otherwise, you will gradually turn pale and speak indistinctly. After a long time, you will become silly." "Crazy.." Surprised, Hsieh Hsuan quickly swallowed the words that followed, and his expression had changed greatly. In a previous life, Hsieh Hsuan had been rejected by the old man because he had become silly. Could it be this aconite? For a time the complexion becomes extremely ugly, Xie Xuan subconsciously took Xie Tiao's hand, trembling slightly. Xie Tiao was calm, thanked the herbalist, and was about to send him out. Xie Xuan hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Dad, Tan likes to eat cakes. I'm afraid I've eaten a lot of chestnut cakes. Would you like to ask the herbalist to take a look?" Say so, Xie Tiao is aware of what, busy call the herbalist to help Xie Tiao look. When the herbalist had finished feeling his pulse, his face gradually changed from initial calmness to surprise and uncertainty. He confirmed it twice, Pallet rack supplier ,Narrow aisle rack, saying that he was offended. He took a few drops of blood from Xie Tiao's fingertips and examined it carefully twice before saying, "Strange, strange!"! Little childe has aconite poison in the body, but the time is not long, not more than ten days. But although there is aconite in this chestnut cake, even if you eat two or three plates of it every day, you may not be able to have so much. After all, he was a man who was used to walking in the mansion of Houmengong, and he stopped at the point. There is a lot of aconite in the body, since the aconite in the chestnut cake is limited, it must be in other diets also have this thing! If the chestnut cake is mixed with this thing by mistake, it's all right, but if all the food has aconite, it's too strange! Xie Tiao's face was already gloomy. He sent the herbalist out. Turning to the three brothers and sisters, he said, "Don't make this public. I'll find out.". Tan'er recently went to live in the Tangli Courtyard. Jun'er, you take care of it yourself, and you use your small kitchen to eat and drink. Xie Jun hurriedly should be, Xie Jue see Xie Xuan looked up, seems to have something to say, the heart is a burst of guilt. If in the past, Xie Xuan such a reaction, he would only be afraid of the little girl, will not take it to heart, but since that day with Han Wei master and disciples after drinking and talking, he knew how many things in the heart of the little daughter in the end, how much worry and fear in the end. He bowed and said to Xie Xuan, "Don't worry. I know how serious this is. Just take care of your brother." Xie Xuan pursed her lips. For the first time, she was comforted by Xie Tiao in such a serious way. She was not used to it. She could only nod and say, "Well." Then he took Xie Tiao back to the Tangli Courtyard, with a lingering fear. If he hadn't eaten the chestnut cake by mistake today, who would have known that there would be aconite in Xie Tiao's diet? This thing will not be abnormal when it is eaten less every day, but over time it makes people become silly, but it really kills people without blood! Just pitifully noisy, the kitten suffered so much, after pouring the medicine, the poison was discharged, and it was so uncomfortable that it cried out. You have to make up for it later. When the three brothers and sisters returned to Tangli Courtyard, Luo Shi had already stopped making noise there. Because it happened suddenly, she couldn't figure out what was going on for a while. Xie Yue didn't know what was wrong with the plate of chestnut cake. The mother and daughter only knew that they had eaten something bad and thought about whether there was something wrong with Xie Xuan. They just didn't know the specific thing, so they could only blacken their eyes. Xie Xuan also did not reveal anything, after a simple salute, sister and brother three people then went to the east cross courtyard. Chapter 047 Xie Tiao this time made up his mind to investigate to the end, even Luo Shi and Yue Shi's hands do not have to pass, only with the old lady Xie reported back, then personally arranged for people to investigate. First found traces of aconite from Xie Tiao's usual diet, and then sent someone to the kitchen to search around, and did not find aconite. So he took care of all the people temporarily, and quickly collected the people related to Xie Tiao's diet one by one,Pallet rack upright, and finally found a bag of aconite powder in his cooking daughter-in-law Chen Lan. Chen Lan was the daughter-in-law of Tao's dowry family. Her husband is now doing odd jobs in the shop outside. She went into the kitchen because she was a good cook. Husband and wife two knees a daughter, now in Xie Tiao side to serve, called Baicao. omracking.com