Tu Fengsan said, "This is the most straightforward method in a general battle, but it is useless in this secret battle, and it often falls short of success.". When Gangui and his men enter the attack position, their alertness will be raised to the highest level, and any sign of trouble nearby will be difficult to hide from their eyes and ears. If we still send people everywhere to look for them, we are only telling the enemy that we know their plans. The more Sima yuanxian listened, the more excited and stimulated he felt. "Then how can we know the enemy?" He asked modestly. Tu Feng-san pressed his palm against the scroll placed between the three men and said calmly, "To be a successful assassin, one must not only have the ability and the determination to face death unflinchingly, but also clearly grasp the whereabouts of the target of the assassination, draw up the best position to act, and grasp the most appropriate time.". We don't know when and where the enemy will attack, but we know our own situation. It can be said that the initiative is in our hands, and the enemy is leading us by the nose. For example, when Brother Liu leaves Huai Yue Lou, before or after the implementation of martial law, will directly affect the enemy's deployment. Liu Yu said to Sima yuanxian with a smile, "Do you have the feeling of listening to the Master's teaching? This lesson is called Assassination. I am also a layman in this respect, so I listen with relish." "Ha!" Said Sima yuanxian cheerfully! I do feel that way. They wanted Sima yuanxian to cooperate with them sincerely, but they were afraid of hurting his self-esteem and could not give him instructions in a superior manner,heavy duty racking system, so they had to take care of his emotions from time to time to make him feel that he was in charge, not at the mercy of others. In fact, without Sima yuanxian's support, even if they had the wisdom of Kongming and Zhang Liang's plan, they could not put it into practice. Tu Fengsan went on to say, "We must judge whether the enemy will attack before or after the Huai Yue Tower. What opinion do you have?" Sima yuanxian seemed to want to blurt out, "I have no opinion," but apparently he didn't want to be such a wimp in front of the two of them. After pondering for a moment,Warehouse storage racks, he said, "I really never thought that the other side would launch an attack on the way to Huaiyue Tower. Maybe it's because you said that the other side would use poison, and this can only be used at the meeting of Huaiyue Tower." "You hit the nail on the head," said Tu Feng-san. The truth is true, first of all, only when brother Liu appeared in Huai Yue tower, dry return to be able to determine the location of brother Liu, otherwise if brother Liu is not with Wang Hong's ship to Huai Yue tower, not by mistake in the car? When Sima yuan saw that he had finally "behaved" a little, his eyes lit up. He nodded and said, "That's true! That's true. He is not a fool, but compared to Tu Fengsan and Liu Yu, there is a distance. "The second is the use of poison," said Tu Feng-san. First of all, is there such a need? Because if one is not seen through, Cantilever Storage rack ,Narrow aisle rack, it will not only bring disaster to the party's mole, but also expose the whole plot. Both of them stared at Sima yuanxian at the same time, waiting for him to express his opinion. Sima yuanxian's confidence increased this time. He frowned and thought for a moment and said, "I think it's necessary to use poison. First of all, since the other side has a master of using poison, it's natural to come up with a foolproof plan to use poison. Secondly, on the Qinhuai River at night, no matter what kind of means the other side uses, the chance of killing someone like Liu Yu, who has both wisdom and courage, is still very slim. Otherwise, Brother Liu would have died several times.". Ha! Am I right? Tu Fengsan and Liu Yu were moved together, and Sima yuanxian's analysis was very sophisticated, showing the essence of his beautiful jade. "Good," said Tu Fengsan! We conclude that the enemy will use poison. Now it's the next question of knowing the enemy, that is, will the enemy choose to attack at Huaiyue Tower or on the boat when he returns to Wuyi Lane? Sima yuanxian said, "The party will be held in the north wing near the river on the top floor of the Huaiyue Tower. Everyone who attends the party will be accompanied by a master general and guarded outside the wing. It is impossible to make a surprise attack, and that is not the ideal environment for assassination, unless the returning person can become a maid who enters the room to serve.". Of course, this is impossible. "Another problem has been solved," said Liu Yu. "The enemy will move when I leave Huaiyue Tower. Now another question comes. What if I don't leave with Wang Hong by boat, but go home by land alone? "I see," said Sima yuanxian with a shock. "This is your plan. Lead the enemy by the nose and lure them into our dragnet." Tu Fengsan said, "It's the most wonderful place. If we let Gan Gui attack the ship, our casualties will be inevitable.". And in the river, it will be a difficult problem to distinguish who is Gan Gui from many enemies, so why should we give up the easy and take the difficult. What is more worrying is that a large number of our people are moving in the assassination area. How can we hide from the people who are lying in ambush there. So the only way to kill him is to lure him into a trap. Sima yuanxian said doubtfully, "Brother Liu came by water, but left by land. Will he make the enemy suspicious?" "The key," said Tu Feng-san, "is whether Brother Liu has been poisoned. The other side has a very powerful chronic poison, which will not be released until a certain stage. However, this poison must be injected directly into the target's body with tools such as poison needles. Of course, it is difficult to use it in the case of a party. But we can still assume that the other side will use a similar chronic poison, which can only take effect for a certain period of time, just like some of the sweaty drugs that the next three people like to use. So if brother Liu is poisoned successfully by the other party, no one will miss this opportunity, and Gan Gui will be no exception. He had to take the risk. Sima yuanxian took a deep breath: "What is the third step?" Tu Fengsan said indifferently, "The third step is to kill the enemy. We must not tell anyone, including the people you and I trust most, what we have just said before we return to the head." www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m [Volume 30] Chapter 13 Happy Parting T-xt-small-say-God. Don Yan Fei looked at the first floor, which was only the main pillar, but had already taken shape. His eyes were shining and he said, "As long as I can sit on your platform with Qianqian and taste the fragrance of Xuejian, I, Yan Fei,Steel racking system, will not let Murong Chui interfere with your rebirth." Standing aside, Gao Yan said, "Pang Yi is not going to build a platform. He is afraid that your front will cover his first floor." "What?" Said Yan Fei. 。 omracking.com