The evil ghost Che Ao snorted coldly, "Master Zhitong told you to go first. Why don't you go quickly?" The girl in yellow took a few steps, then suddenly turned around and said with a smiling face, "They asked you to come in. Come with me." Yue Xiaolong had to wait for an explanation at this time, but there was no explanation, so he had to follow the girl in yellow. Master Zhitong, Tianhezi, the evil ghost Che Ao and others followed one after another and went in. Bixia yuanjun, who is worshipped in the Bixia Palace, is said to be the daughter of the Jade Emperor, who was granted the title of Jade Girl of Mount Tai. Behind the main hall is an elegantly decorated bedroom, commonly known as the Warm Pavilion, with a long carved door locked with a cupronickel lock, which is never used on weekdays. Open, pilgrims and visitors, also stop here, because this is the goddess's boudoir, of course, can not go in casually. The girl in yellow walked in front, stretched out her hand and brushed it, and the copper lock fell down. She should push the door first. Yue Xiaolong followed into the bedroom, only to see the walls surrounded by velvet curtain, jade mirror incense, gums brocade tent, arranged seriously and the palace. General! There are many precious antiquities on display all around, among which a piece of guqin is laid flat on a sapphire table, and in the incense burner, the incense seals are curling and scattered. It smells like sandalwood. The girl in yellow stopped and waited for everyone to enter the bedroom before she turned around and walked leisurely into a finely carved tooth on her left. Before folding the cupboards. Reach out to pull open two cabinet doors, say coldly: "You come over to take!" You come over to take! The cabinet is divided into two layers, with many jewelry and precious jade articles on the upper layer. On the lower floor is a string of sandalwood. A rosary, a suet white jade gourd, a gold lacquer gourd, a Eight Diagrams Dao inlaid with precious stones, everything There was a ribbon with a red seal, and there were two other seals, each with a ribbon. As soon as Master Zhitong saw the string of rosary beads, he recognized that it belonged to the master. He whispered the name of the Buddha and walked slowly. In the past. Reached out to take the rosary, only to see the red seal written on the note: "Please face to master Datong pro-Kai." Since it is written on the note that the master is personally open, Master Zhitong is naturally inconvenient to open and read, so the rosary and the note are collected together. Sleeve, turn around and step down. On that day, Wu Hezi hurried up and took the white jade to the sky. On his envelope, it was also written, "Please present yourself to Tianning." The Taoist Priest said, "This.". The crane looked down, put the letter into his arms, and turned around and stepped down. Xie Jiliang saw that the two men did not even look at it, so he put the note away, knowing that the name of their master must have been written on the note. So I dare not open it. He waited for the crane to step down, immediately went up, heavy duty warehouse rack , reached out to grab the gourd, shook it, and thought in his heart: "The gourd'detoxification golden elixir ', which he has spent ten years on, has not been touched by him yet." Take the red seal With the words "Xie Guan Zhu Qin Bu" written on it, I thought to myself: "The two letters from Shaolin and Wudang are probably the same as my own. That's it. Thinking about it, he tore open the envelope and drew out a piece of letter paper, on which he saw the words: "Within three months, please solve the problem." Scatter Laoshan Sect and withdraw from Jianghu. Xie Jiliang looked up to the sky and gave a long laugh. His eyes were shining. He looked at the girl in yellow and said, "What a crazy tone to respect the teacher!" He was short and looked like a child, but the sound of laughter was as clear as the sound of a phoenix in the sky, especially when he was standing. Locally, Yuezhi has the bearing of a great master! The girl in yellow stood on the edge of the cupboard with a cold face and did not look at him. Xie Jiliang turned around and handed the letter to Master Zhitong and Tianhezi. He said with a smile, "Master and Brother Dao have two letters on them. They are big!" It's probably just a few words. Master Zhitong and Tianhezi looked at the letter from Xie Jiliang, and their faces changed, like such an arrogant tone. How can you take it back to the master? Both of them took out the seal, tore the seal, and on the inside of the letter, it was exactly the same as the one that Xie Ji measured. It reads: "Within three months, dissolve the × × faction and withdraw from Jianghu." The only difference is that the word "Laoshan" has been changed to "less "Lin" and "Wudang". At this time, the lame swordsman Ouyang Panshi also went up to take the Eight Diagrams Sword. In fact, the Dian Cang Sect didn't steal anything, but Yan Bai Changqing woke up and found him standing upright in front of him. A letter asking him to send someone to the Bixia Palace in Mount Tai. The earth-shaking wild goose is very famous in Jianghu, and now it has been left a letter in front of him by others without being noticed. Lake, this face can lose a lot, so send his younger martial brother to chase the wind wild goose Ge Feibai to come to the appointment. After waiting for Ouyang Panshi to take the Eight Diagrams Sword, Ge Feibai saw that there were still two notes with ribbons left in the cabinet, and then he went up. When he saw the name of his elder brother written on the envelope, he reached out his hand and took it. At this time, Master Zhitong of Shaolin and Tianhezi of Wudang have When the master's letter was opened, he did not hesitate to tear open the envelope. The five letters were written by one person, and the tone was complete. Same. The evil ghost Che Ao looked at him and said with a laugh, "You are members of the nine sects. There are sects and sects. Naturally, people are jealous of you. Don't you?" Two of the five disciples had died, and there were only four of them, including the old man. He would not ask the old man to disband the Lishan Sect. Right? ' Say that finish, strode up, took the envelope, opened the seal, pulled out the love note, only to see the above written: "Three months." After that, there will be another life. The evil spirit Che Ao flew into a rage. He flicked the letter into pieces and said with a sharp smile, "Will I still listen to him?" An order? "If you don't want to take orders then, I'm afraid you won't be able to," said Huang Shaofa coldly. Evil ghost Che Ao shouted, "Ghost girl, who is your master?" "You'll find out then," said the girl in yellow. "What do I want to know now?" Asked the evil ghost Che Ao. The girl in yellow said in a cold voice, "If you know now, that's your business. What's it to me?" "Do you think I can't make you say it?" Asked the evil ghost Che Ao. The girl in yellow said disdainfully, "I've already learned Mr. Che's martial arts." "Little girl," said the evil ghost Che Ao, "do you dare to despise me? Hey hey, even if you are good at martial arts, I am beyond a hundred strokes. Can I take you down? Do you believe it? The girl in yellow suddenly laughed and said, "I believe it." 。