Tong Yan shook his head and said, "I've always wanted to visit you, but I can't find a chance. I'm very happy that you invited me here today." Zhang Mengyi pulled a light smile, did not continue this topic, picked up the tea to blow gently, then asked: "Yang son recently how?" "He's fine." "That's right." Zhang Mengyi put down the teacup, "now married to you, he has no bad reason ah." Tong Yan smiled and did not answer. Zhang Mengyi glanced at her again and said tepidly, "Come back now. Why are you so unfamiliar with Zhuo's mother?" Tong Yan smiled, "I used to be too small." Zhang Mengyi laughed softly: "You have really changed a lot over the years, but no wonder you." Tong Yan: "People always change..." Zhang Mengyi sighed lightly: "But Yang'er is a stubborn, how many years, I always thought he could put you down, but he is so obsessed." Tong Yan lowered his head. Zhang Mengyi looked at her and said, "Yan Yan, if it was five years ago, you would be the most satisfied daughter-in-law of Zhuo's mother, but now-" she paused, "now you are also a mother, can you understand a mother's heart?" Tong Yan was very ashamed, she suddenly remembered that she had gone to Zhuo Zhengyang's house to play before, Zhuo's mother made lotus seed cake for her, the warm cake sent out a faint fragrance. The cakes were so delicious that she could eat many in one breath. Zhuo's mother looked at her and said jokingly, "Yan Yan, after eating the cakes made by Zhuo's mother, she will be my daughter-in-law in the future." Now she is really her daughter-in-law, but things have changed, and everything is very different. I'm sorry She said. My relationship with Yang Er has not been very good. He resents that I have been involved in too many things before. So,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, over the years, he played outside, as long as he did not take it seriously, I did not ask him about things, although he did things wantonly, but always very measured. Speaking of this, Zhang Mengyi looked at Tong Yan, "but when it comes to things related to you, he is out of order and has no sense of propriety in dealing with things." "I'm sorry." Zhang Mengyi pursed her lips. "You don't have to say sorry to me. I know Yang's temperament. He will be willing to do anything he wants.". You grew up with him, and you should know something about him. "He's fine." She didn't know what she was going to say, but she just spit out these three words gently. Zhang Mengyi sighed: "He is just good to the people he cares about. Yang looks like me, but his temper is like his father. He always does things vigorously and vigorously." "Now you and he are married, so I am unwilling, but it is not easy to do anything, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,glass cream jars, I call you here today, but also simply want you to say a word." Tong Yan looked at Zhang Mengyi, "what do you want to ask?" "You don't love Yang, do you?" Tong Yan was silent: "I will be good to him..." "You are good to him only because he is good to you, but not because you love him, right?" "No." Tong Yan said lightly, "I am good to him because he is my husband." Zhang Mengyi's eyebrows softened a little. For a long time, she said, "It will be the New Year in a few days. Your family will come to have a meal. I heard that the boy is very cute. I also want to meet him." Tong Yan: "Good." "Now that you are married, you should live a good life. Maybe you will think that I am a partial mother. But to be honest, it's really not easy for Yang to live these years. No matter what happens in the future, he deserves you to be good to him." Tong Yan:.. I know - When her vacation was over, she went back to work. After working for a few days, her resignation application was approved, and she officially became an unemployed young woman. When she left, Li Moli also gave her a sour farewell: "Our company is small, how can we accommodate your big Buddha, Mrs. Zhuo?". Because the Spring Festival is approaching, Tong Yan decided to look for a job after the New Year. Zhuo Zhengyang did not interfere in her affairs. He just said, "If you really can't mix well, don't try to be brave. Just come to work under my banner. With the title of the landlady, you can act as a tyrant." "Forget it," she laughed. "People's words are awesome. ” Zhuo Zhengyang said with a smile, "If they dare to say anything about you, they will either deduct money or fire him and send him to the frontier, and he will never be hired." She laughed in a funny way: "Good …" The author has something to say: Yesterday, April Fool's Day, hesitated to spend too much time thinking stupid, the whole is very miserable, the mood is extremely depressed, resulting in rice has been updated, today hurriedly updated ~ ha ha ~ Notice of missing person: Recently, a lot of familiar children's shoes have disappeared. Where did they go? I can't see them. Huahua is very sad, such as light children's shoes.. And all kinds of letters The number gentleman, is thought that is our waistcoat is not easy to recognize, I can not recognize is our diving, the flower's eyes are very bright ~ ~ PS again: I recommend the small picture to you, which is very cruel and beautiful. Chapter 43 Cheng Meimei decided to go back to her hometown for the Spring Festival. Yesterday, she talked to the old mother at home on the phone. The old mother asked her how she was doing these days. Cheng Meimei honestly thought about her situation these days, and summed it up by saying that she was trying her best to drive away a fly that was shouting around her. She didn't want to tell her old mother anything about Shao Yuheng, so she casually said a few words to deal with it. There was a reason why she didn't want to mention Shao Yuheng to her old mother. She Cheng Meimei is a narrow-minded, although her memory is not good, but some things are deeply rooted in her heart, which she has always remembered. For example, Shao Yuheng's mother pointed at her mother and told her how to climb up; for example,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Shao Yuheng said when she gave up for filial piety to her mother: "Meimei, wait for me for a while, and I will handle things well." 。