However, the professional player responded quickly, although he was recruited, he avoided the vital point, the rain thousand needle equipment is good, unexpectedly failed to be seconds. It just went into a state of bleeding and became a serious injury. Shield strike! Seven consecutive shots! Thorns of ice! Critical moment, three people at the same time, anxious at this time is still in the provocation, it is impossible to dodge. Get treatment! "The land of recovery!" Suddenly there were two chants at the top of the stairs, and the white light flashed on the anxious body, and at the same time there was a soft white light at his feet. Apparently the other priest, Scarlet Drunken Moon, was at work. Jiao Zhuo hit all three moves, but he is still alive. With so many attacks in a row, people go straight into rigid protection. Sickle again, this time the other side finally failed to escape, Zhang Jupao and Yuhua Qianzhen both died, and King Kong deserves to be the meat shield in the meat shield, the knife in the forehead is still safe and sound. Master was still harassing Lin Guang desperately at this time. If he didn't fight with him, he would run away. Lin Guang wanted to catch up for a while, but once he did not catch up,Thyroid Powder Factory, he turned back to harass, as if flies could not be driven away. This move is really effective, ex curry stick of the wind king boundary is constantly consuming magic, Lin Guang also dare not always open. Get treatment! Drunken Moon once again returned blood to Jiao Huo, and at the same time blessed her with mental immunity. At least get her out of a state of provocation. He jumped anxiously, caught the elasticity of the ground, and jumped directly to the top of the stairs. Inhale: "Salty method, evil dragon exhales!" Salty time is about to end,Sex Enhancement Powder, the last few seconds. Jiaozhuo also wants to finish with a big move. The black aperture array is already around her, and the prelude to the Awakening is also very cool. It's almost a matter of common sense to interrupt her, but right now the only archer, North Leaf, is shooting at Mengka. The others were too far away to stop. With a deep sigh, the master could only leave by himself. The thieves galloped. In a short time, his speed was indeed the fastest person present. Seeing that it was impossible to interrupt, the others rushed to the door and tried to escape. But Lin Guang could not let them get what they wanted, so the curry sticks were waved in the doorway. Draw a mess in the middle of the doorway with the light of the sword. But he jumped easily and flashed directly outside the door. The crowd could only gnash their teeth as they looked at the light of the swords at the door. Lin Guanggang was waving his sword with his eyes closed, and the light of the sword was relatively broad. The attack power of each sword light is more than 50% of the original weapon. The attack of the ex curry stick is no small matter. Besides, there are so many sword lights here that the strong rush really doesn't know. But at this time there is no way, or hit the sword light death. Or be sprayed to death. It's better to rush than to die anyway. The earthen wall suddenly began to move and rushed straight out. It was the earth wall of ten thousand feet of stone that moved, but he himself had disappeared. It was estimated that he had escaped into his own earth wall again. At this time, it was feasible to force the sword light through the earth wall. Both the single soil method and the single water method have a characteristic that their soil walls and ice walls are particularly hard. In addition, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Theobromine Powder, their level 45 is ice wall moving and earth wall moving. Netizens joke that these two professions eat against the wall. With the sound of the sword, Lin Guang has awakened successfully outside the door. Sword shadow drag. A sword waved, seven sword shadows were pulled out, a sword is seven swords. Raise the sword directly to the thirteen thrusts of the gale, and all of them attack the earthen wall. Thirteen swords are equal to ninety-one swords, plus the remaining light of the sword, plus the super-high attack of the ex curry stick, even if it is a profession that eats against the wall, this earthen wall can not bear it. The wall is broken, the stone falls down, and the white light flashes. But at the same time, Lin Guang felt a pain in his vest, and felt that something had spurted out behind him, and he knew something was wrong. Master escaped from the castle, of course, did not go far, but directly sneaked aside waiting for an opportunity. At this time, Lin Guang attacked the earth wall and immediately exposed his back. He immediately went up and stabbed seven times, plus every knife to bleed. Under the super-high attack, Lin Guang was already in a state of massive bleeding, and his life was in an instant. Inside the house, Jiao Huo finally spewed out a lot of poisonous smoke, which quickly began to spread to the first floor. Just a few strong sword light people have been killed in the above, can not help but let the rest of the people calm down for a moment. The light of the sword remains for a short time. When the time is up, it will disappear slowly according to the route of the sword, like a rubber erase. As long as you see the loophole in the light of the sword, it is possible to jump out of the door. Lin Guang saw that his life was not long, and immediately waved his sword again to fill in the loopholes that might arise. Ah The crowd roared! Whether you can reach it or not, it's all Lin Guang. Ju Ye dodged and retreated to avoid being affected. But Lin Guang just smiled, flowed into the last drop of blood, the white light left. But the light of the sword at the door did not disappear. When a character dies, melee attacks do not exist, but ranged attacks remain. Sword light residue is undoubtedly counted as long-range, although the old horse is dead, but they still can not rush out. Go! Go for it! The green poisonous fog behind him was approaching rapidly, and the people behind him could not help pushing the people in front of him. Ah The man in front screamed and died in the light of the sword. The people in the back still could not escape the erosion of poisonous smoke, and their whole faces became green and began to bleed crazily. The great master was at the door, watching one person after another die in front of him, but there was nothing he could do. The North Leaf also rushed out of the door, but his face was green and poisoned. Master subconsciously grabbed her hand, the North Leaf just smiled, and then died of poison, a flash of white light, Master's hand a loose, the heart can not help but rise a sense of powerlessness. Clang! Clang! A huge figure finally came out of the green smoke at the door. The master looked up and saw that it was King Kong! This is worthy of the meat shield in the meat shield, still survived by such an attack, although the face is also green,D BHB Factory, the back of the chest are inserted more than a dozen arrows, there are blood on the forehead, appears to be in a mess. The two men looked at each other and didn't know what to say. The two teams jointly attacked and eventually saved both of them. What's the matter with you? Bai Dahe rushed over with her team. "Alas!" Both of them sighed and did not want to answer at this time.