Are you looking for suggestions on How to train your German Shepherd to walk on a loose leash? Does your dog irritate you by pulling the leash while walking? If both the answer is yes, you can find the ultimate solution to your problems here.

Your pet puppy is just like your baby. You have to feed and clean it and spend time with it. Like your children, you must teach your dog good habits and how to behave gently.

Understand the behaviour of the dog

To control your pet dog, you need to know your dog first. German shepherds tend to be suspicious of strangers due to their guarding instinct. Train your dog to be socialized and obedient.

The German Shepherd Dog Breeds India does not prefer to live inside kennels. They enjoy living freely at your home with your family. They are highly active and always tend to do some activities. Therefore, it is essential to take your dog for a walk regularly.

Having a pet dog, you must understand what your dog wants to tell you through different activities and signs. Your German shepherds may often lick you. Do you know the reason behind it?

The main reason is your dog wants to show love and affection towards you. At the end of the day, or after a long time when you come back home, it provides your dog with joy. It also investigates you and gives information about unusual things by licking. Your dog can also lick you to lower your anger or misery.

You may have noticed that a German Shepherd In India sometimes becomes excessive in barking, whining, groaning, and moaning. Keeping your dog confined in a room or alone in the house can make them vocal. Your dog does all these activities to express its loneliness.

When you walk with your dog, pulling on the leash is a natural behaviour of your German Shepherd.

Why do they pull the leash?

When you have not leash-trained your dog, the sight, smell, and feel of the leash and collar may frighten or make the dog nervous. It can lead to resistance or baulking. It is very important to have German Shepherd training for beginners.

Your dog can get easily distracted by the things in its surroundings. It can be a squirrel, another dog, a butterfly, or the new place where you are taking him.

The new atmosphere and objects can excite your dog. Sometimes, it runs toward other animals to catch them with a playful mind.

Also, if you keep your dog detained for a long period, it yearns to go outside. When you bring it out of the home, it gets excited and enjoys running here and there. It becomes unfettered.

Tips to prevent pulling on a leash

    • Do not move on pulling

German shepherd dogs are large. You have to learn How to train your German Shepherd with a maximum of about 25 inches in height and about 95 pounds in weight. It may not be easy to stand straight when your dog pulls you, but you must still do it.

You must stand still while it is pulling and try to get its attention on you. Do not let your dog pull you in its preferred direction. Otherwise, whenever the dog wants to move in a direction, it pulls on the leash to achieve its goal.

Preventing moving forward, you can cease the dog from doing it again. Your dog will not make the same effort again as the activity becomes worthless.

When you are learning How to train your German Shepherd puppy, you must also learn things to avoid. Keep in your mind that when your dog tries to pull on, do not try to pull it back forcefully. It can harm your dog and tie the collar tightly around its neck.

Instead, you can move its attention towards you by talking friendly to your dog. Verbal communication is an essential part of leash training. You can direct and instruct your dog to sit and look at you.

    • Praise the dog with rewards.

The best way to prevent pulling is to know How to train your German Shepherd, and the best way to make it obedient is rewarding. Like a human, dogs also feel blessed when they get treats or rewards from humans.

You can use small treats as a helping tool. Whenever the dog listens and obeys you, could you give it a treat or praise it verbally? To get the same reward repeatedly, the dog tries to be attentive. Eventually, your dog becomes familiar with the training.

    • Keep patience

The German Shepherd is usually a smart breed and easy to train. You must know How to train your German Shepherd at a young age to prevent over-guarding and aggressive behaviour.

It is not possible to train your German shepherd dog within 1-2 days. You must keep patience while performing the task. You should do the training regularly, making the bond stronger between you and your dog. You can start the training from your yards and later to the more distanced places.

It will be easier for you to learn How to train your German Shepherd puppy. When you train your dog at a young age, it obtains the instruction faster and easily becomes habituated with the manner.

You can still leash train a German shepherd when it is a full-grown adult. There will be more challenges because it becomes heavier and stronger with time.


As you have learned how to train your German Shepherd, you should start to train your puppy or dog. The early beginning offers you more fruitful results.

When you successfully train your dog, it allows you both to do more fun activities together. The dog becomes familiar with the leash or collar. It reacts gently to any distraction when it is with a leash. It is very crucial to have German Shepherd training for beginners.