As a Swimming Accessories manufacturer, share with you.

Educate children about the safety of drowning prevention. Please pay attention to educating your children about drowning prevention. Firmly establish safety awareness, strengthen children's self-protection awareness, and educate children not to participate in dangerous activities and not to swim in dangerous and unfamiliar waters.

Do a good job of guardianship. Please do a good job of guardianship when your child is resting at home, and always pay attention to where the child is going.

Pay attention to the safety education of children before swimming. Please be sure to pay attention to the safety education of your children before swimming (playing in the water). It is forbidden for children to swim privately; forbid children to swim with others without permission; forbid children to swim without a guardian; forbid children to swim in pools or swimming pools without safety facilities and rescue personnel; forbid children to swim in unfamiliar waters; It is forbidden to play in dangerous places such as rivers and ditches without authorization. If you need to swim, you should take your child to a safe, regular swimming pool, and must be accompanied by a guardian.


Educate children to strictly prohibit swimming in groups without permission. Please educate your children to go boating without the company of an adult or a lifebuoy. At the same time, teach children that if they find someone drowning, they should call for help in time, and let an adult go for rescue, and must not blindly go into the water for rescue, let alone children who don't know how to get into the water without permission.