Having written recently here at Pool Warehouse on the subject of kids’ swimming pool safety, we thought that for our most recent blog post, we would expand on the topic slightly – this time, with advice applicable to everyone who might use your home pool. 

Swimming pools can provide you and your loved ones with a great way to cool off in the summer heat, but they come with some risks. Responsible pool safety practices are essential for minimising potential hazards and ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time. 

To help, we took a closer look at the basics of pool safety, so that you can have peace of mind when swimming in or hanging around a pool. 

  • Ensure your pool is well-maintained 

It might seem like advice that is almost “too obvious”, but a swimming pool is most certainly not the kind of thing you can simply set up, fill with water, and then throw yourself into. 

Aspects like water sanitisation and water balance, for example, can make a massive difference to how healthy and safe a pool is to swim in. So, be sure to heed all the advice and guidance from the supplier of your pool, and to use pool chemicals responsibly, instead of simply presuming pool water looking clear indicates it is healthy enough to swim in. 

  • Know your limitations

This advice may apply more strongly if you are using someone else’s home swimming pool, than your own; nonetheless, it is important. 

Before jumping into any body of water, it is important to know your swimming abilities. If you’re unsure how deep a pool is, or if you don’t feel comfortable in the water, you shouldn’t attempt to swim until your abilities have been assessed by a qualified instructor.

  • Learn CPR

In the event of a pool emergency, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure at least one adult knows how to perform CPR and rescue techniques. 

  • Invest in a pool alarm system 

Did you know that you can also purchase a swimming pool alarm system that sounds an alert when someone enters the water? 

Here at Pool Warehouse, for example, we make available an Immerstar pool alarm system, which complies with French safety law. You simply need to fasten yours to the edge of your pool, and it will automatically switch from swim to alert mode if and when needed. 

  • Know how to get help

Finally, make sure you know how to contact emergency services in case of an emergency – both 999 and 112 can be used here in the UK in life-threatening situations. 

You won’t regret doing the right things to ensure your safety, and that of others 

By following a few basic pool safety rules and practices, you can help ensure your swimming experience is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Make sure you keep these tips in mind when spending time in and around the pool this summer, whether you do so alone or with family or friends. 

And if you are ever in need of any of the essential pool supplies in the UK that would assist your efforts to optimise safety, you know what to do – our online store here at Pool Warehouse will almost certainly stock what you require, at an excellent price.