eports of glass hills and holy marriages are identified throughout the world. They reach so far as Indonesia and Polynesia. The distribute of the reports may be related to the explorations of the North Beach People (our ancestors) circa 1500 BC. There are many stories which are informed across the coasts of the North Ocean about a 'Glasberg' or 'Glastemplel' which sank underneath the waves. 'Glas' might be saw as meaning 'Amber.' The story of the "Princess on the Glass Pile," is very popular with at least thirty variations. 

In Scandinavia, Brunhilde, the valkyrie, sits on the Glass Mountain. She was located there by Odin. Siegfried flights through to his horse to free her. They get married. Most of the designs of the Glass Pile speak about the Rod star. The Indian star of the mountain of Meru (The Glowing Mountain) lies under the Pole star. On the Summit of Mt. Meru stay the Gods and the Souls of the ancestors (Asgard and Valhalla Viking axe .

This Amber Hill was on an island near Heligoland (Atlantis) and sunk beneath the sea circa 1500 BC. This was the model for all 'Glass Mountain" legends that's been converted to Fairy Tales through the entire world. The Axe Cult: During the Bronze Age the Conspiracy of the Sacred Guitar spread through the world. Axes are within graves, under position rocks, in house sites, applied largely as routine offerings. They certainly were set in the earth straight with the innovative in the air.

May axes were within Scandinavia, Indonesia and France. These Habit Axes, were probably wanted to a pre-historic 'Guitar God.' Several axes that have been discovered were new and unused. Many copper, little Axes were utilized as pendants across the neck. Many rock symbols were discovered depicting an Axe God. The Axe God, carrying a big axe, is found on a stone surface at Simrishamm, South Sweden. The God of the Guitar was especially honored in this pre-historic period. It absolutely was definitely started in the North. Axes were made from flint, deer or reindeer antlers, bone and copper.