For brides, who are looking for engagement rings in Columbus that are unique, classy, and sleek, tension-set diamonds are the ideal choice.


These diamonds are ideal for brides looking to put their own unique spin on the ring so that it suits their style and personality preferences.


Reasons to love tension diamond rings

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer tension diamond wedding bands in Columbus is that these settings are unique and rare. They offer you something different and one-of-a-kind.


Tension settings also bring your center stone into focus and hold it in place securely. Since your gemstone isn’t surrounded by a lot of metal it appears to be floating and will offer you a ton of shine and brilliance.


Keep in mind that these settings are extremely durable and secure. So, even though your gemstone looks like it may fall, it takes a great deal of force to loosen this setting. Tension settings can only be designed by jewelers that are skilled and have worked with this style before.


If you want to custom-design your men’s wedding bands in Columbus, make sure that you work with a reliable professional. Once made, your jeweler will not resize or alter your piece as this can increase the chances of your center stone coming loose.


Since all the attention is on the gemstone, make sure that you choose a diamond with next to no flaws and small imperfections along with high clarity.


Final Thoughts

Always head to a reliable and trusted jeweler that can offer you a range of high-end metals and gemstones at an affordable price. You can also ask your jeweler to clean, repair, polish, and maintain the piece for you every couple of months.