On Thursday, July 7, 2011, at exactly 7:40 in the morning (Florida time) a "vision of healing" by Jesus Christ was manifested. The vision was intended for me to witness; and to make it even more interesting, it happened at the Adoration Chapel of St Andrew Church in Coral Springs, Florida. I have experienced visions before and very recently in fact, but never outside of my home!

After the 7 am Mass had ended I walked over to the Adoration Chapel. It is located adjacent to the main church. I was there to introduce to the chapel a friend of mine who wished to visit it and to pray.

I walked in by myself at 7:30 am and I joined a few other people who were there to pray. The chapel was designed for people to adore Jesus Christ in the form of the "Holy Host" which is a large round wafer made of flour. It is enclosed in glass and mounted in a special altar. The Host is consecrated by a priest, and it represents the body of Jesus Christ. The chapel is truly a holy place, and very quiet inside. It can sit up to twenty-one people.

I visit this chapel on occasion, and every time that I have been there to pray and meditate I have felt indubitably the presence of Christ. I can't explain it, but it feels like your own "soul" is being lifted out of your body while you are in the presence of the Son of God. I call the sensation, "Spirit to Spirit."

This particular morning I decided to have a 'serious conversation' with Jesus. I felt the courage to do it, and I didn't hesitate. That's how sure I was that Jesus was in the chapel listening to me!

I began my spiritual journey by saying to Him, "Dear Jesus, I know that you are here alive as you were in Israel during the time that you walked on earth. And while you were there you performed many miracles in public and in private. Even Gentiles came to you in faith seeking to be healed, or someone else in their families, and you never failed to listen to their pleas. I am asking you dear Lord to please do me a huge favor and perform a "miracle of healing" for an advance stage cancer patient in California (which I named), and my son (also named) who lives in Texas and suffers from epilepsy."

After I had made my request, I leaned back in my chair, and I continued keeping my eyes closed. I honestly didn't acim  what to expect, at least not right away. But, I felt that if I was indeed in the presence of Jesus Christ something very good might just happen!

I must have waited for a minute or so in silence, and then a "vision" began to develop. I was fully awake, but my eyes were closed when I started to witness this incredible event, and I would like to share it with you!

***I saw Jesus walk over to the cancer patient, place His right hand on the patient's left side of his face, and He just held it there for about a minute. Then, something totally amazing happened while Jesus kept His hand on the patient's face: "yellow-colored fumes" began to build up around the face of the patient. To me it seemed as if a "hot fever" was being lifted out.

***The fumes floated away toward the front of the patient's face, and they lifted over to his left side and past Jesus' face. The vision came to an end. I kept my eyes closed throughout this period, and then the vision took life again. I saw Jesus walking over to my son, and He placed both hands on his face right by his ears and temples. A few seconds later all went blank and the vision had ended.

I opened my eyes, looked at my watch and saw that it was 7:45 am. By my reckoning I figured the vision started at 7:40 am and five minutes later it was completed.

I got up and went looking for my friend. I found him in the main church and I brought him into the chapel. I sat nearby to go over in my mind what had just occurred. In a sense I was pleasantly in shock!

When I got home, I called the patient's wife and I chatted with her for a few minutes. I truly called to make sure that her husband was okay, meaning alive and well, before I started explaining a live "vision of healing" that occurred in the middle of the night (California time). When she confirmed to me that he was home from the hospital and feeling much better, I said thank you very much. I took a deep breath of relief after I closed my cell phone!

I decided to take a long walk to clear up my mind, and to think about this event. While out in the streets of my neighborhood, I asked Jesus if He would allow me to relate the vision to the patient and his wife. I felt an affirmative yes, so as soon as I got home I went over to my computer and started writing an email.