At the Ski Exchange we pride ourselves in providing one of the best boot fitting services in the world,let alone the UK. Our 4 experienced boot fitters have over 70 years of experience combined & have worked in Boot rooms across the world. We offer an unrivalled Comfort Guarantee that ensures peace of mind & covers all fitting work required.


We recommend booking an appointment at your convenience so that we can assure you receive the best service. Please allow around 2 hours for your appointment, most boot fits take between 1-3 hours. You can also just turn up, but that means the kettle won't be on as quickly & we might be busy with other customers first, especially at weekends.

ASSESSMENT - All good ski boot fits start with a thorough assessment. First, we accurately measure the foot length and width, both unweighted and weighted. Then we assesses foot and ankle stability, lower leg biomechanics and ankle flexion. During this, we will discuss your current ability, future goals and aspirations. This helps with which fit type is best for your requirements. All of these factors help us to determine which is the best boot for you, both from a fit and a performance perspective.

CUSTOM FOOTBEDS - Using this data we will select a supportive footbed/insole from our range of

custom & pre-fabricated options. A well-made custom footbed is essential toachieve the best Boot fit. The footbed not only fills volume under the foot within the boot, but stabilises and supports the foot. This also helps reduce fatigue, reduces spreading of the foot, improves alignment and enhances power transmition of the lower leg.

CUSTOM FITTING - Next we will select a couple of boot options that best fit foot shape & volume as

well as meeting performance requirements. Shell checking is critical & allows us to double check the foot within the shell to ensure it meets our expectations. Once we are happy with what we see, we'll put the boots on for the first time. Warning, at this stage they will feel a little small, which is completely normal due to the boots being unmoulded. This allows us to identify any potential problem areas that we might need to address. Once all options are finalised we will expertly heat mould your liners & shell to your feet, while making any initial shell modifications required.

SHELL MODIFICATION - After thoroughly cooling the boots to allow the heat moulding to fully set,

we can then make the final shell adjustments and fine tune the fit as necessary. These modifications include mechanical stretches for bone spurs, bunions etc. Cuff rotation for alignment and fit tuning devices such as heel wedges, calf spoilers and volume reducers.

ALIGNMENT - Ski boot alignment is a speciality service where we "cant" the whole boots inwards or outwards to match the skiers leg alignment. Not all skiers need to have their boots aligned, but if you are a racer, ski instructor or have excessive alignment issues then canting can make an enormous difference to your skiing.

Call our store on +441954210984, drop us an email to [email protected] or complete the form below to contact us.