auto parts turntable tray is a tray used to store and organize auto parts. It is usually made of a durable plastic or metal material and has multiple dividing slots and dividers to keep parts of different types and sizes separate. The auto parts tray helps auto repairers find the parts they need more easily and keeps the work area tidy and organized. It also prevents the loss or confusion of parts and improves work efficiency. Auto parts trays are widely used in auto repair shops, auto manufacturing plants and personal garages.

Functions and uses of auto parts turntable tray:

ORGANIZE AND STORE PARTS: The auto parts tray provides multiple dividing slots and dividers, which can separate different types and sizes of auto parts, making them organized and stored in an orderly manner.

Easy to find parts: By placing parts in different slots according to type and specification, the auto parts tray enables auto maintenance personnel to find the required parts more quickly and accurately, improving work efficiency.

Prevent parts from being lost or confused: the separation groove and partition of the auto parts tray can effectively prevent the loss or confusion of parts, and avoid work delays or mistakes caused by misplaced or missing parts.

Improve work efficiency: By providing a neat and organized work area, the auto parts tray can help auto repair personnel locate and obtain the required parts more quickly, thereby increasing work efficiency and reducing work time.

Reduce work errors: The separation grooves and partitions of the auto parts tray can help maintenance personnel place different types of parts separately to avoid confusion and misuse, thereby reducing errors and mistakes in work.

How to choose and use auto parts turntable tray?

1. Size and capacity: According to the number and size of parts to be stored, choose the appropriate size and capacity of the auto parts tray. Make sure it holds the parts you need and doesn't take up too much work space.

2. Material and durability: Choose the auto parts tray made of durable materials, such as plastic or metal, to ensure that it can withstand long-term use and heavy loads. In addition, the waterproof and corrosion resistance of the material should also be considered to adapt to the car maintenance environment.

3. Separation groove and partition design: auto parts tray should have suitable separation groove and partition design so that parts of different types and sizes can be placed separately. Make sure the number and size of dividers and bulkheads are appropriate for the type and quantity of parts required.

4. Mobility and portability: Choose an auto parts tray with portability, such as a handle or a foldable design, for easy carrying and moving. This makes it easy to move parts pallets from one work area to another.

5. Cleaning and maintenance: Choose an auto parts tray that is easy to clean and maintain to ensure it is always clean and hygienic. Choose materials that are easy to clean and clean and sanitize the trays regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria.

When using auto parts turntable tray, you can follow the following principles:

1. Classification and marking: Place parts of different types and specifications in different separation slots, and use labels or marks to identify the contents of each separation slot, so that it is easier to find and identify parts.

2. Maintain neatness: keep the auto parts tray clean and orderly, clean and arrange parts regularly to avoid clutter and confusion.

3. Regular inspection: Regularly check the status of the auto parts tray to ensure the integrity and stability of the separation tank and partition, and replace damaged parts in time.

4. Safe storage: place the auto parts tray in a safe place to avoid collision or drop to prevent damage or loss of parts.

By choosing the right auto parts tray and using it correctly, you can increase productivity, reduce errors, and keep your workspace neat and organized.

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