During the latest ExileCon event today, Grinding Gear Games provided a series of new information about Path of Exile 2, including changes to its planned release model and testing dates. The game's closed beta is set to begin on June 7, 2024, which may be a bit further away than fans had hoped.

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Originally, Path of Exile 2 was planned as an expansion to the original game. However, as the project's scope expanded, the team realized that doing so would essentially mean abandoning a beloved game that people have grown to love, as stated by Game Director Jonathan Rogers.

As a result, both games will continue to exist side by side, with Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson overseeing the original game, while Rogers and Mark Roberts will be in charge of PoE2. Both games will have unique mechanics, game balance, endgame content, and leagues.

Despite this separation, any microtransactions you purchase can be used in both games, unless it's related to proprietary mechanics. Rogers used the example of the Bear Skin, which won't be supported in PoE1.

PoE2 will offer a range of content, including 12 classes, 36 ascendancy classes, 1500 passive skills, 240 active skills, and 100 different environments, each with a unique boss. There will also be hundreds of regular monsters and equipment fragments.

After the exciting announcements, there were numerous live gameplay demonstrations. Roberts played while Rogers provided commentary, detailing a range of new and improved mechanics, including dodging, passive specializations, weapon swapping, casting, gem socketing, and more. The demo showcased the characters venturing through a group of ruins in a jungle area from Act Three of the six-act story.

Wilson returned to the stage to explain how both games will coexist and ensure that update versions will be compatible so players can choose to continue playing either game.

The trailer for the next expansion of Path of Exile, titled Trial of the Ancestors, was also showcased during the event. This expansion is set to be released on August 13, 2023. While Path of Exile 2 is highly anticipated, don't miss out on the new Path of Exile expansion. Moreover, if you're worried about PoE Currency, I recommend purchasing it from RPGStash. They offer 100% safe transactions and fast delivery. For beginners, you can try buying a small amount of POE Orbs to experience their services.

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