China Dummy Load factory Our Factory Nanjing HUAMAI Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998.Over the past 20 years, HUAMAI has been dedicated in the field of optical communication field. And established solid industrial foundation.In 2017, HUAMAI was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Today, the HUAMAI's marketing and service network has covered the world,Products and comprehensive solutions serve 31 provinces and cities in China锛孉nd more than 50 foreign countries and regions. Today, the HUAMAI's marketing and service network has covered the world,Products and comprehensive solutions serve 31 provinces and cities in China锛孉nd more than 50 foreign countries and regions. Huamai closely accelerates the construction of 5G mobile communication, industrial Internet and big data center. It constantly enriches and improves the wired and wireless communication infrastructure industry, adds new data center, IoT & system integration and value added services of information and communication, forms four new business segments, and improves efficiency and cost advantages. It gradually expands from "passive" to "active", and from supporting facilities to communication systems and applications, and further grows into a software and hardware integration system solution provider that provides customers with "five horizontal and one vertical" cloud to "end + side"solution, and builds a large ecosystem for the company's industrial development. The communication infrastructure industry provides end-to-end system solutions covering various scenarios. The data center industry provides a series of infrastructure solutions that are safe and reliable, green and energy-saving, agile expansion, and smart operation and maintenance. IoT & system integration industry includes the construction of IoT information infrastructure network, the integration of weak current systems, the implementation of communications and electromechanical engineering, and the development of various smart application platforms. Information and communication value-added services include various characteristic value-added application services such as application slicing network acceleration. The company has established modern technological processes, lean production, and has a complete testing and verification platform to support the scale development of various industries and lay a solid foundation for achieving high-quality products. In the 5G era, everything is interconnected. The company builds and deploys smart workshops based on digital twin technology, develops smart applications for digital assets in various vertical industries, and transforms from product and service provision to a new business model based on big data analysis for full life cycle operations. Over the years, Huamai has maintained stable cooperative relations with several major operators such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Tower, and communication equipment vendors such as Huawei and ZTE, as well as Sinopec, PetroChina, national oil and gas pipeline network, electric power, radio and television, municipal, railway, urban rail transit and other industries. At the same time, the company is actively expanding the overseas communication equipment market, and its products are exported to South Korea, the United States and other countries and regions. The company has always adhered to the development orientation of technological innovation, established Huamai Science and Technology Research Institute, and established a production, learning, and research cooperation mechanism with Southeast University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and other institutions. It won the first prize of provincial scientific progress and achieved more than 500 patents. We have mastered many non-patent core technologies, and participated in the formulation of more than 50 national and industry standards. In the future, Huamai will focus on strategic goals, takes customer value-oriented, capital-connected, forward-looking technology research and development as the driving force, and achieve a higher level of innovation and upgrade and leapfrog development of the company. Our Certificate Production Equipment Domestic Market Mature Sales Network 14 sales regions and 31 offices in China Industry Leader Participate in the communication industry standard formulation for more than 20 kinds of products Good Brand Reputation Ranks first in the field of physical optical communication connection in China. Rated as excellent supplier by domestic operations for many years Overseas Market Region Business covers Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and Africa Country Establish good partnership with operators, contractors and agent in over 50 countries Office Set up sub--offices in Thailand, Philippines, Uganda, South Africa and UAE Partners Our Service Pre-sale Service The main purpose of pre-sales service is to assist customers to do a good job in project planning and product demand analysis, so that our products can maximize to meet customer needs, but also to give full play to the comprehensive economic benefits of customer investment. On Sale Service 1.Strengthen the communication and exchange of users in the project progress at any time; 2.Try to meet the reasonable temporary needs of the user; 3.Cooperate with customers to deliver qualified products. After Sale Service 1.We will guarantee all products provided according to the original warranty service system under the condition of original warranty. After the warranty period, our company will be responsible for post warranty repair and maintenance; 2.When the product needs to be repaired beyond the warranty scope or beyond the warranty period, we will only charge the cost of repairing and replacing the parts. 鈼咹uamai reserves the right to interpret all terms of service.China Dummy Load factory website: