While some streaming services like Disney Plus stick with one subscription plan, Peacock offers three different plans. Each plan is priced differently and offers fairly different features too so it’s important to know what works best for you before you commit. Fortunately, with such flexibility, it shouldn’t be much of an issue to find a good plan for your needs. There’s no Peacock free trial but that’s because it kind of doesn’t need one thanks to its cheapest plan.


That cheapest plan is Peacock’s free plan. Entirely free, all you need to do to watch it is sign up and log in. Because it’s free, there are some limitations, however. Most notably, you will see a series of limited ads so expect to see some commercials amongst what you’re watching. Also, you only get access to about two-thirds of Peacock’s full content library which limits your options. In addition, you’ll need to wait a week to watch new episodes of ongoing NBC shows rather than a mere 24 hours like with the other plans. Don’t count on seeing brand new episodes before they air either which rules out early sessions of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Also, content is only available in HD with no 4K support, although this is less of an issue than you would think, as we’ll see shortly. Also, you can’t download anything to view offline. However, it’s free so whatever your views on Peacock, there really isn’t much to lose in signing up for this tier. Even if you don’t use it often, it’s likely to have something you will want to watch from time to time.


The middle range option is Peacock Premium. It costs $5 per month. It has the full wealth of what Peacock has to offer and a fair amount more too. For instance, you can use it to watch all live sports and events including WWE, Olympics coverage (both summer and winter), the Super Bowl, Premier League, and all other sports available through NBC. You also get next-day access to current NBC hits and you can watch Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon early too. Peacock Premium also provides you with 4K resolutions on select content, but it’s incredibly select right now, and potentially isn’t worth considering when upgrading. You will still have to see ads amongst what you’re viewing though, and you can’t download content to watch offline. To avoid adverts and to be able to watch shows and movies offline, you will need Peacock Premium Plus. The service costs $10 per month. It offers everything that Peacock Premium provides you with, including live sports, next-day access to the latest shows, and over 60,000 hours of content too. Signing up for Peacock Premium Plus also adds on the ability to watch select titles offline, avoid adverts, and also watch some shows and movies in 4K.

Whichever plan you choose, you get the same basic profile limit of six per account. Also, in all cases, up to three users can simultaneously watch via the same account at any one time. Although, in the case of the free plan, there is nothing stopping multiple members of the same household from signing up for their own account.