China Table Cnc Plasma Table plasma cutter, bench CNC plasma Cutter MS-BL by Meisar CNC is specially designed for thin metal sheet cnc cutting.It provide the global fabrication shops thin metal sheet with the most free from worry and laser similar CNC cutting solutions. Advanced Structure 1.>Dual driving gantry structure,release gravity and stress,ensure good condition in long life. 2.>Reasonable size:1.25*2.5m;1.5m*3.0m. 3.>Overall structure,release you from basis and cutting platform manufacturing. 4.>Taiwan linear guide+lift rail/Taiwan linear guide+slant G7 rack and pinion,Powerful step/Panasonic Servo+Planetary gear box;perfect running precise and stable transmission. 5.>Ball screw torch height controller,accuracy and safe. 6.>Delivery in installed condition,no installation at client's site. 7.>DXF/DWG files programming and auto nesting,USB data transmission. 8.>With water tank,greatly decrease dust and fume to envirement and operator. RFQ:Can add oxy fuel cutting way for this type? A:No.The design of MS-BL is specially for plasma cutting only;if want to be cnc oxy fuel and plasma cutting both or cnc oxy fuel cutting only,please consider our cnc cutting table MS-BH. RFQ:Is it with the fume exhausting? A:Fume exhausting is optional, basic configuration is water tank way for fume decreasing and operator envirement protection. RFQ:What is the cutting thickness of this plasma cutting table? A:Depending on the adopted NC plasma cutter(generator),normally is 0-25mm.There are popular China made top quality LGK-120IGBT with cutting thickness 0.1-18mm,and LGK-200IGBT with cutting thickness capacity 0.3-25mm.Meanwhile,also can adopt the USA Hypertherm made plasma cutter/generator,say,Power max 65,Power max 85,Power max 105.China Table Cnc Plasma website: