Polished aluminium mirror sheet is a new type high-tech material that is now used in the market. There are four different types of mirror aluminum which are common in life. The four forms are: polished mirror aluminum, film aluminum mirror, anodized aluminum mirror, and ultra-mirror aluminum. The raw materials of the 4 types are the same, but the appearance and grades are different due to different manufacturing processes. Generally speaking, the grades of these 4 materials are basically from low to high according to the above order.
Five types of 1100 Aluminum Sheet are readily available on the market, but the range of applications and frequency of use vary. Film mirror aluminum and polished aluminum mirror sheet are generally used in decoration, the decoration effect is very good. The anodized aluminum mirror sheet and ultra-mirror aluminum sheet are used in some decoration with higher technical content and higher grade. And it is used more in the development of some high-end electronic products and some high-tech technologies. Many of the other products we use in life are made of these basic materials. For example, washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, lighting, and many other common home appliances and home improvement products. The products with mirror aluminum element look like high grades, and many shoppers are easily attracted by the stylish look.