E-Magneto is committed to the use of technology to change lives. We have seen that E-commerce business hesitate to sell online due to the lack of understanding and expertise in managing e-commerce operations. E-Magneto is the best e-commerce application in Lucknow to help you to make informed business decisions with a go-to-market strategy to succeed online with the best e-commerce application in Lucknow

Start E-Commerce Business: Get Powerful ECommerce on a budget. All sales and Marketing Features Inbuild

Our E-Magneto e-Commerce application software solution is designed for marketing your product and boosting sales automatically. Every e-commerce platform’s goal is to make more sales, but the problem is that it is impossible if you don’t have any sales optimization tools or a highly skilled marketing team. Hiring a marketing team to increase sales is expensive, but you can do it with our AI sales tools.

The only purpose of E-Magneto is to increase e-commerce business sales only with basic knowledge of our AI sales optimization tools.

Sales and Marketing Features Of Our E-commerce Application

(E-Magneto App)

SEO Feature – An Advanced E-commerce Business Platform

SEO of products plays a vital role in driving massive traffic to your website for the best e-commerce businessOn-page SEO of your products ranks your products on top of the search results whenever a customer searches for your product category. 

We provide an inbuilt on-page SEO on every product that differentiates us from others. We provide an inbuilt SEO feature in which you can add meta descriptions, product descriptions, and keywords that show your products on the top lists of search results whenever a customer searches for the product on google or any other search engine. 

Firstly, by conveying specialist competence and knowledge, we offer your users real added value with informative texts about your product categories, guidebooks, and glossaries in your e-commerce business. In addition, you can use the readers to draw attention or link to suitable products and be rewarded with a high search engine ranking.

Re-marketing Tools

We provide marketing services like Email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and SMS marketing to inform your customers about the offers and discounts you are providing them in your e-commerce business on their favourite clothing materials to attract them to your products.

Chat Bots 

With the help of AI, chatbots anticipate when customers need assistance and trigger messages offering proactive services instead of reactive support in your e-commerce business . Reduce resolution time by helping customers with AI-powered self-service and conversation routing features. Deploy your chatbots in no time with the help of ready-to-use templates provided by the best e-commerce application in Lucknow.

Affiliate Marketing 

We provide Affiliate Marketing in which you can earn a commission by promoting other company products on your e-commerce business website. If you find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale you make. 

We provide unique links for each product to share on social media/messages to increase your sales in your e-commerce business. 

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