Disney+ is a magical platform that offers a wide array of content suitable for viewers of all ages. To ensure a safe and tailored streaming experience for your little ones, it's essential to set up a dedicated kids' profile on Disney+. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to create a kid-friendly Disney+ profile and explore the parental controls that help you curate age-appropriate content.

Step 1: Sign In to Your Disney+ Account

Begin by signing in to your Disney+ account using your credentials. If you haven't subscribed to Disney+ yet, make sure to do so and set up your primary account.

Step 2: Navigate to Profile Settings

Once you're logged in, locate your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on it to access a drop-down menu, and select "Edit Profiles."

Step 3: Add a New Profile

In the profile settings section, you'll see a list of existing profiles if you've already created them. To add a new kids' profile, click on the "+ Add Profile" button.

Step 4: Name the Profile

Give the new profile a name that represents the child who will be using it. For instance, you can use their first name or a nickname to make it easily identifiable.

Step 5: Choose an Avatar

Disney+ offers a variety of avatars to personalize profiles. Select an avatar that your child will recognize and enjoy.

Step 6: Enable Kids Profile

Below the avatar options, you'll see a toggle switch labeled "Kids Profile." Ensure that this switch is turned on to activate the kid-friendly settings. This step is crucial as it restricts content to age-appropriate material.

Step 7: Set a PIN

To maintain control over put parental controls on disney plus child's profile and restrict access to it, you can set a PIN. This PIN will be required to access the profile settings or exit the kids' profile. Make sure it's something only you know.

Step 8: Save the Changes

After completing the necessary profile information and settings, click the "Save" button to create the kids' profile.

Step 9: Start Streaming Safely

With the kids' profile successfully created, your child can now start streaming their favorite Disney shows and movies. The content available will be filtered to ensure it is suitable for their age group.

Parental Controls: Additional Safety Measures

Disney+ offers several parental control options to further enhance your child's safety:

Content Ratings: You can choose a content rating limit that suits your child's age and maturity level. Disney+ will filter out content rated above the chosen limit.

Content Categories: You can manually select or deselect content categories like "Animated," "Live Action," and "Classics" to refine your child's viewing experience.

Profile Lock: By enabling profile lock, you can ensure that your child cannot change the profile settings without your PIN.

Search Restrictions: Limit your child's search options to ensure they only find content that's appropriate for their age.


Creating a kids' profile on Disney+ is a straightforward process that guarantees a safe and enjoyable streaming experience for your children. By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing the available parental control options, you can provide a curated selection of Disney magic tailored specifically to your child's age and preferences. Happy streaming!