Mozilla Thunderbird is an free open source software available for accessing all domain type email like Gmail, outlook, yahoo and so on. This email service is design so that person can access email only in one click as well as if he has multiple account, he can easily access all domain account email in one app called thunderbird email service.

Here is the method for adding up new account.

Newly app installer easily gets the option for adding account directly but he installed app and don’t know how to register the account then have to follow certain steps for adding up his email account.
Open Mozilla thunderbird app and very top in menu tool bar go to tools and from there select account setting option

Menu toolbar>tools>account setting

After clicking on account setting, you will get lots of option please click on account action

After doing this you will get option to type your name, email address and password for your email. Providing this information will allow you to access email from any domain.

Providing all information will allow you to access your account in Mozilla thunderbird Email client.

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