We are all aware that decorating a blank wall may be difficult, especially if you want to attempt something different from the typical wall. Although canvas wall art and wall paintings are popular choices, are there any other types of decor that might go with your modern home’s design? 

The beauty of handwoven sabai grass baskets is unmatched, I suppose. Decorating with handmade wall baskets is a great way to give your house a unique character while also giving the walls texture! They are a great option for wall decor because they are simple to hang and virtually impossible to muck up. Additionally, Sabai grass wall baskets can be utilized to adorn any blank wall, whether it is in the living room, office, or bedroom. 

Confused about where to find stunning wall décor items or how to arrange them? If so, continue reading! 

Buy Attractive Decorative Hanging Wall Baskets? 

It is widely acknowledged that the trend of wall hanging baskets illustrates our transition from straightforward to elegant and minimalist style. We hang things on our walls that are meaningful to us and the rest of the world, rather than just anything. And sabai grass wall decor is ideal since it conveys so many different ideas! 

Yes, these lovely handcrafted sabai baskets are ethically conscious, sustainable, and do more than just add color and texture to the walls.

Here are some startling details on how these decorative baskets are made:

  • These beautiful sabai grass baskets are made by cooperatives of women in rural Orissa in a morally and fairly-traded manner. 
  • In addition, each textured item takes 3–4 weeks to manufacture, making it appear flawless. 
  • You may keep vegetables in these multipurpose grass baskets, hang them as artwork, use them to hold towels, or just use them as shelf decorations.

Modern Walls Are Ideal For Sabai Wall Baskets

Sabai hand-woven wall baskets are great for storage in general, but that is not the primary application. They have a beautiful look, making them ideal pieces for homes or other interior decor. 

Simply defined, it is the most inventive yet straightforward method of introducing texture and interest to a plain wall. 

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