If you find a way to export all Gmail emails with attachments to an external hard drive, you won't have to worry about it anymore. Like you, many Gmail users want to save all Gmail emails with attachments on external hard drives. Although the approach is not difficult, some users do not know it and suffer more. To help users who want to download Gmail emails, we provide complete instructions to help you understand the process.

Gmail is an email service provider that helps communicate and transfer or share information. Gmail servers scan multiple emails for various purposes, including malware and spam filtering. A Gmail account has a limited storage capacity of 15 GB. If a user attempts to exceed this limit, it may result in Gmail services not working and data loss. Therefore, it is recommended to download Gmail emails to computer.

Why Do Users Want to Save All Gmail Emails With Attachments to External Hard Drive?

Due to problems with Gmail, many users prefer to transfer their Gmail data to their hard drive. In addition, users may be frustrated by the unstable functioning of Gmail, which may lead to inaccessibility of their account and complete loss of mailbox data. To avoid these issues, it is recommended to create a copy of the mailbox data on an external hard drive so that the entire data is physically present.

The saved copy can be particularly useful in the event of a server crash and ensure that users can still access their mailbox data. Even if the data reaches the maximum storage limit of their mailbox data, users can still make a copy of their email data to an external hard drive and delete it from their Gmail account.

How to Export All Gmail Emails with Attachments to External Hard Drive Via Google Takeout?

With Google Takeout, you can easily save all Gmail emails with attachments to external hard drives. This allows users to export their mailbox data to any location, such as a local drive, external hard drive, flash drive, USB drive, and many more. As the name suggests, Google Takeout users “take” their mailbox data from Gmail.

  • Copy and paste the URL: https://takeout.google.com/ and open Google Takeout.
  • Then click Unlock All and select the mailbox data you want to export.
  • After clicking the next step, select the file type, size, and frequency as needed.
  • Then click “Create Export” and wait for the process to complete.
  • After completing the process, you will receive a download link to download the mailbox data in MBOX format.

Why Should Users Avoid Manual Technique?

  • It offers a limited attempt to download mailbox files.
  • Google Takeout causes a lot of problems while downloading mailbox data.
  • Users cannot download mailbox data properly.
  • Downloading an archive folder takes a lot of time, almost 2GB.
  • A very difficult task for individual users.

How to Save All Gmail Emails With Attachments to External Hard Drive Via Alternative Approach?

As you can see, the manual process has many risks and limitations. So we recommend you go ahead with the Corbett Gmail Backup Tool. It is an excellent choice and can easily export entire mailboxes or selected data while maintaining data integrity. This software is perfectly checked by IT administrators and technical experts to complete the process.

  • Download and launch the tool on your system.
  • Enter Gmail credentials to connect to the software.
  • Browse the mailbox data you want to save.
  • Then select the file extension in the list of export options.
  • Finally, choose a location to save the output and then click “Save” to get the output quickly.

Other Prominent Features Of Using Third-Party Software

Final Words

The above content describes the proper manual process to export all Gmail emails with attachments to external hard drives using Gmail's built-in feature, namely Google Takeout. The limitations of the manual approach were also discussed. To avoid the additional burden of manual processes, use an alternative approach discussed with the expert to save all Gmail emails with attachments on external hard drives to save time and effort.