Esimtech’s emergency simulation related products are emergency virtual simulation solutions for typical oil and gas accidents. The purpose is to enable students to develop emergency response skills and related psychological qualities through virtual reality interaction and immersive experience. Emergency simulation training system Using VR is developed based on the emergency training software platform. Through VR interaction, immersive experience, and systematic training and testing, trainees can complete the training of emergency pre-judgment, emergency handling, and emergency escape, and cultivate their psychological quality.

Drilling Emergency Exercise Simulation Training System

Drilling Emergency Practice Training Platform

Drilling refers to the project of using special equipment to establish oil well channels on the ground and underground so that the underground oil and gas can be collected along the oil pipeline to the ground for use. Drilling plays a very important role in various tasks of oil exploration and oilfield development, and the risk is relatively high. Therefore, the development of oil and gas simulation training in drilling is necessary.

The simulation in the oil and gas industry includes a variety of accidents that can occur during drilling.

Emergency treatment and escape when blowout is out of control

Emergency treatment and escape in the event of fire and explosion

Emergency treatment and escape in case of H2S leakage and poisoning

Comprehensive deduction

emergency handling skills

Through the virtual simulation, the trainees can deeply remember the emergency handling process, overcome the pressure and take correct emergency handling measures when encountering an actual accident.

Drilling Emergency Exercise Simulation Training System

The oil and gas training simulators offer individual and multi-person exercises. The training process performance of the trainee can be used to evaluate the trainee’s operation, and the completion of the task and the problems and errors in the trainee’s operation can also be displayed. The system can be used as an operator training simulator-oil and gas to train drilling workers in emergency handling and rescue capabilities.

The drilling emergency exercise simulation training system realizes the simulation and three-dimensional interactive operation of the drilling scene, drilling equipment and facilities, environment and personnel conditions, accident occurrence and progress, and personnel emergency treatment process. The system can carry out simulation training on emergency handling of typical drilling accidents.

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