Mornington family lawyers provide legal advice and representation to those dealing with family matters such as separation, divorce, child custody and spousal support.

Professionals specializing in domestic abuse and paternity issues also help clients through complex situations with compassion.

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the legal end to a relationship and can be an emotionally trying time for both partners involved. Our experienced family lawyers can assist with this difficult process in order to reach an amicable resolution and ensure a satisfactory resolution is reached.

Alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as divorce mediation, may help your case to be resolved outside of court. Our firm understands that separation involves more than legal issues alone and will do everything in our power to keep it out of Court.

If your case requires going to Court, we can file for temporary orders to cover child custody, parenting time and spousal support issues during its progress. A judge must approve these orders before they become permanent.
Child custody

In any separation case involving children, one of the key issues is custody - where and with whom your child will live. To determine this, both parents must come up with a parenting plan together. Unless there is evidence of abuse, both should remain active participants in their child's life.

Legal custody entails making important decisions about their child's health, education and welfare on behalf of both parents or one alone. Legal custody awards may either be shared between both or awarded solely.

Non-parents (such as grandparents and stepparents) can obtain custody rights if they can demonstrate that the current parent is unsuitable or neglecting the child in some way. A judge must see evidence before awarding custody; when this becomes an issue in court proceedings, an attorney-referee or judge often hires an expert witness to interview all parties involved as well as interview the child directly.
Property division

Property division involves the process of allocating assets and liabilities following the dissolution of a relationship, either through informal agreement that does not need to be formalised in writing, or via legal assistance and court orders. Court Order on Property Division It is possible to seek court orders regarding property division while still living together; however, an application to the court must be filed within one year of divorce becoming absolute or two years of separation for de-facto couples (according to Family Law Act 1975). A judge will consider factors like identifying, classifying, valuing and distributing assets and liabilities among them while taking into account future needs for both individuals.

An inheritance refers to the total of cash and investments left behind upon death of someone, including money in bank accounts, stocks and bonds, jewellery, automobiles, antiques, real estate or any other tangible goods that pass from parent to child after they pass on. Taxes may apply depending on state laws.

Mornington Family Lawyers can assist with this process to ensure all legal requirements are fulfilled and that inheritances are distributed promptly.

Proactive steps such as considering prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, keeping separate accounts, and keeping meticulous records can protect your inheritance in the event of a relationship breakdown. Familiarizing yourself with legal framework is also vital.