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Red Light Therapy- Its Role in Muscle Recovery and Performance

In the relentless pursuit of peak physical performance, athletes and fitness enthusiasts continually seek innovative methods to enhance their training and recovery processes. It is important to rejuvenate and repair the muscles for better performance, and Red Light Therapy plays a vital role in it. This non-invasive yet effective therapy helps a great deal in repairing your muscles quickly after exercise.

In addition, it also helps in improving blood flow, thereby reducing stress and fatigue. Apart from that, Red Light Therapy(RLT) also stimulates mitochondria, which enhances energy production and promotes healing by using red light of a specific wavelength by stimulating the cells.

Therefore, RLT is a good treatment process for athletes and other active people since it helps enhance endurance levels and reduces inflammation.

Overall, the therapy is useful for enhancing physical health and wellness. It is popular among people looking for a healthy life and is a rising trend among people maintaining a very active lifestyle.

Understanding Muscle Recovery With Red Light Therapy

After exercising or performing any intense physical activity, your muscle fibers have micro-tears and take time to recover. This eliminates fatigue due to stress on the cells. Most importantly, it enhances your performance as well as helps in avoiding injuries.

Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy helps rebuild the muscle fibers and strengthens them. This eventually helps prevent muscle inflammation, soreness, and fatigue. This specific therapy, therefore, helps in adequate muscle recovery and proper hydration, nutrition, and rest. Click for knowing red infrared light therapy

In short, muscle recovery is essential for reloading energy, and RLT prevents delays in achieving the ideal physical state and peak performance in daily activities and sports.

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

The effect and healing process of red light or Near-infrared light Therapy follows a few specific aspects of science. It uses red light of short wavelength instead of cuts or incisions to expose the muscle cells to it.

The physical property of red light allows it to penetrate the skin easily and quickly and start acting on the cells. This way, it promotes the functionality of the cells and also regenerates energy by stimulating mitochondria.

Many studies say Red light therapy affects the mitochondria to increase the production of the main energy source called ATP.

It is because cytochrome C oxidase absorbs the short-wavelength light, setting off several reactions and effects in this crucial enzyme, which eventually enhances metabolism in cells.

Simply put, the wavelength of the light determines the working principle or the science behind Red light therapy. If you want to learn more, read “Red Light Therapy- Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Muscle Recovery

Muscles recover fast with more blood flow to that area. It supplies more oxygen to the muscle cells and nutrition, helping in alleviating inflammation and soreness, and offers relief from discomfort. Click now red light therapy machine

Light therapy helps in increasing the blood circulation. As a result, it also helps remove toxins and other waste materials from the cells.

In addition, this therapy offers a lot of other benefits, such as:

  • It enhances the range of motion and performance.
  • It reduces muscle recovery time between exercise or workout sessions.
  • It increases flexibility and agility.

It further helps muscle recovery with more energy or ATP and better cell stimulation.

Ideally, muscle tissues have more mitochondria than other parts of your body to facilitate movements. This means these tissues respond more than other tissues to light therapy.

With no toxins, your muscles do not encounter conditions like cramps, fatigue, pain, soreness, and deoxygenation. This eventually helps in enhancing endurance and working out for a longer time. Read more red led light therapy

Accelerating Healing and Performance

The effectiveness of Red light therapy for the repair and recovery of muscle makes it so popular. Many studies support it and its ability to expedite wound healing and injuries. This allows the athletes to get back to the field sooner.

It promotes cell repair much more effectively than others by increasing blood flow, which alleviates inflammation quickly, resulting in a fast raster recovery.

Several studies, including NASA reports, support the efficacy of red light therapy for muscle recovery. For example, a 1989 report suggests that low-power lights offer many health benefits, including muscle recovery and lower downtime. Several biophysicists noticed the ability of low-power light to treat different ailments.

So today, red and near-infrared red light therapy helps people to get back to action soon.

Application of Red Light Therapy for Athletes

Athletes today favor Red Light Therapy much more than other alternative therapies to treat their muscles and facilitate recovery. They believe it is one of the most significant and influential processes that helps them maintain the highest physical form and deliver the best performance.

Light therapy is more prevalent among athletes and people playing active sports such as soccer, rugby, and others, where injury is common.

A lot of sportspeople, however, have everything good to say about Red light therapy.

For example, Stephen Piscotty, a baseball player with the Oakland As, says that this specific therapy helps him to alleviate pain due to chronic tendonitis quickly due to the low-level light.

Similarly, Erik Harris, a rugby player with Oakland Raiders, speaks volumes about the benefits of light therapy during his rehab process after suffering a lateral meniscus tear, ACL tear, and medial meniscus tear in October 2016. It provides both strength and mobility using the light therapy device for a short time every day.

Combine RLT and Additional Recovery Procedures

For better results, combine red light therapy with other traditional methods of alleviating pain, such as icing, stretching, and foam rolling. This helps in cell stimulation and a better interaction to show the results quickly.

Use light therapy, red or near-infrared, for 3 to 5 minutes, in combination or isolation, immediately before exercise. This helps in conditioning the muscles and avoiding injuries.

Also, use it after your exercise for about 10 to 20 minutes. This expedites the healing and recovery process.

Simply, combining red light therapy and other recovery procedures amplifies the benefits. Experts say it is a more holistic approach towards a healthy body and significantly increases performance with stronger muscles to excel in respective pursuits. Click now for more update infrared light therapy

Safety Considerations

Use the light therapy device following the instructions of the manufacturer to the last word. And if you have too sensitive skin or your condition is severe, consult with your doctor.

Remember, consistency is the key.

So, make sure you take it regularly, use the device properly, and do not exceed the safe limits of light intensity or duration. Also, do not sit too close to the device. Maintain a safe distance but ensure proper movements and changes. Using it for a long time and with higher intensity will cause redness, skin irritation, and other potential issues.

Cleanse and prepare your skin before starting the treatment, and wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to red light.

You must also consult a qualified healthcare professional if you are on medication or pregnant. They will know the suitability of the therapy depending on the medications you take.

AWA RLT Panels for Muscle Recovery

The best thing about red light therapy is that it allows undergoing this treatment at home. American Wellness Authority provides best-in-class red light therapy devices for at-home use. You can enjoy the benefits of the comfort and convenience of your home.

There is no need to travel to the clinic every day and fix an appointment. Simply find some time to dedicate to the therapy every day.

AWA has currently three  Light Therapy products which are getting huge success on Amazon. Customers just love them and they have an exceptional 4.5/5 ratings. The key USP that makes them unique from others is that the single device is built to provide Red, Infrared, and Blue light.