United Airlines Student Discount Policy

United Airlines is committed to making air travel more accessible to students. To that end, they have introduced a Student Discount Policy that offers exclusive benefits to eligible students. This policy is designed to assist students in achieving their academic goals, explore new horizons, and maintain connections with their loved ones while ensuring that travel remains affordable.

Who is Eligible for United Airlines Student Discounts?

To benefit from United Airlines' Student Discount Policy, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. Typically, this policy is available to:

1. College and University Students

United Airlines extends its student discounts to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. To qualify, you must be currently enrolled in a recognized college or university.

2. High School Students

High school students can also take advantage of this policy if they are traveling for educational purposes. A valid student ID may be required to avail of these discounts.

The Perks of United Airlines Student Discounts

United Airlines' commitment to student travelers goes beyond eligibility. When you book your flights through United Airlines as a student, you can enjoy an array of benefits, including:

1. Special Fares

United Airlines offers specially discounted fares to students, making air travel more affordable and budget-friendly.

2. Flexible Booking Options

Students often have fluctuating schedules, and United Airlines understands this. They offer flexible booking options, allowing you to change your travel dates without hefty change fees. This flexibility can be a lifesaver during busy academic seasons.

3. Additional Baggage Allowance

Students frequently travel with more luggage, whether it's books, study materials, or personal items. United Airlines offers an enhanced baggage allowance, ensuring you can take everything you need without excess fees.

4. MileagePlus Rewards

As a student traveler with United Airlines, you can also accrue MileagePlus points. These points can be redeemed for future travel, ensuring that your savings continue to grow with each flight.

Booking Your Student Discounted Flight

Booking your student discounted flight with United Airlines is a straightforward process:

  • Visit the United Airlines website and navigate to the "Book a Flight" section.
  • Fill in your departure and destination details, travel dates, and the number of passengers.
  • While entering passenger details, select "Student" in the dropdown menu to ensure you receive your exclusive discounts.
  • Choose your preferred flight from the list of available options, and complete the booking process.

Important Considerations

It's important to note that United Airlines' Student Discount Policy comes with a few terms and conditions:

  • Student discounts are subject to availability and may vary based on the route and time of booking.
  • To claim your student discount, you may be required to provide proof of student status, such as a valid student ID or university enrollment documentation.
  • Changes and cancellations to your flight may have associated fees, so be sure to check the airline's policies before making any alterations to your itinerary.

Making the Most of Your Student Discounts

Now that you're aware of the fantastic benefits that United Airlines' Student Discount Policy offers, here are some tips to maximize your savings:

1. Plan Ahead

Booking your flights well in advance can help you secure the best deals. Keep an eye out for promotional periods where you can enjoy even more substantial discounts.

2. Join MileagePlus

Enrolling in the MileagePlus program is a wise move. It allows you to accumulate points with each flight, which can be redeemed for future travel.

3. Keep Your Documentation Handy

To streamline the booking process and ensure you receive your student discounts, always keep your student ID and enrollment documents accessible.

4. Stay Informed

United Airlines may update its Student Discount Policy periodically. Stay informed by visiting the airline's website or subscribing to their newsletter for the latest information.


United Airlines' Student Discount Policy is a remarkable initiative that eases the financial burden for students who wish to explore the world, visit family, or attend academic events. With exclusive discounts, flexible booking options, and additional baggage allowances, United Airlines makes air travel affordable for students. By following our tips and making the most of your student discounts, you can embark on your journeys without breaking the bank.