A cell phone signal jammer for sale instrument in the form of a backpack, usually also called a portable mobile phone signal jammer instrument, is mainly used in outdoor environments or in the handling of temporary emergencies. Because it looks like a travel backpack, a normal adult man can Can be carried anywhere. Then the customer’s problem comes. When this backpack-type cell phone signal jammer instrument is carried on the body, the many antennas on the device are really close to the human body, especially the brain. In this way Aren’t you worried about the harm to the human body due to the way it is used?

Hidden Antenna Cell Phone Wifi Jammer

It is not excessive for customers to have such worries. Frankly speaking, this backpack-type cell phone signal jammer instrument has a built-in shielding module. The RF transmission power is usually about 10-20W. After it is emitted through the antenna, if it is really carrying When the computer is powered on, the electromagnetic radiation generated still has a certain intensity. However, electromagnetic radiation is not nuclear radiation, and it is not that scary. The harm to the human body is far less serious and terrible than people think.

If a medium-power cell phone signal blocker instrument like this is only used for a short period of time and is not used repeatedly every day, the harm to the human body caused by such a small amount of electromagnetic radiation is almost negligible.

Moreover, this backpack-type cell phone blocker instrument is usually powered by a built-in battery. The continuous working time of the battery is generally only 1-2 hours, so it will not cause long-term electromagnetic radiation to the human body.

Finally, we should also remind you: in real application scenarios, unless it is the military or special police or special service personnel, under extremely special mission situations, cell phone signal blocking equipment will be turned on while the person is carrying it on their backs. In most cases, this backpack-type cell phone signal jammer instrument is mainly for easy portability or quick transfer to the target site, rather than for long-term and continuous use while in motion.