Let's look at the key words in this article how do brands work with influencers.

Brands have been collaborating with social media personalities for quite some time now to showcase their products on social media platforms. These individuals have a massive following, which provides brands with an opportunity to reach a broader audience. However, collaboration with social media personalities must be done transparently.

What is Transparency and Why is it Key in Working with Social Media Personalities?

Transparency in collaborating with social media personalities refers to the act of disclosing any kind of relationship between the brand and the influencer to the audience. It is essential because it helps to maintain trust with the audience and prevents confusion or deception. For instance, if an influencer fails to disclose that they have been paid to promote a product, their audience may feel deceived.

Transparency builds Trust with Audience

Collaboration with social media personalities involves convincing the audience about the authenticity of a product or service. When sponsored posts or ads are displayed without disclosing the relationship between the influencer and the brand, the audience's trust can be lost. It is a big no-no since the audience may end up developing a bad image of the brand that they once trusted.

The Legal Aspect of Transparency

Transparency is not just an ethical issue, but it is also a legal requirement. In America, the Federal Trade Commission has laid down rules requiring influencers to disclose their relationship with the brand. This rule helps to ensure that the audience is aware of the relationship between an influencer and the brand before they consider purchasing the product that is being promoted. Influencers who fail to comply with these rules risk facing hefty fines, which could potentially damage their reputation and their collaboration with brands.

Long Term Benefits of Transparency in Collaboration with Social Media Personalities

The benefits of transparency in collaboration with social media personalities are numerous. It builds trust with the audience, empowers them to make educated decisions when purchasing products, and can lead to a lasting brand image among the audience. In addition, it strengthens the relationship between the brand and the social media personality, leading to long-term collaborations with other products in the future.


Transparency in collaboration with social media personalities is essential not only for ethical and legal reasons but also for building trust with the audience. When done right, transparency can lead to long-term benefits for all involved parties.


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